The Automated Breathalyzer Kiosk To Streamline Offender Management

Precision Kiosk Technologies designed and introduced The Automated Breathalyzer Kiosk (AB Kiosk) in order to streamline court mandated testing for offenders in Wisconsin and Minnesota, USA.The Automated Breathalyzer Kiosk To Streamline Offender Management

The AB Kiosk autonomously coordinates sobriety screening for law enforcement and correctional facilities. The system uses fingerprint authentication to verify identity, while also capturing still images and video as it administers breathalyzer tests, and automatically uploads the test results to the cloud.

AB Kiosk is yet another advancement in how biometric technology enhances and enables human activity. Currently, there are offenders who are required to refrain from alcohol as a condition of their release, and the administrative process and man hours by law enforcement as part of this directive is costly and cumbersome.

With AB Kiosk, this system can be streamlined. AB Kiosks perform secure screening 24 hours a day, seven days a week through a cloud-based offender-management software program. The real-time activity logs simplify new-client onboarding, can test up to 40 individuals per hour, can catch violating offenders and immediately notify authorities, deputies and other supervisors can access the information from any computer, smartphone or tablet, and the entire database can be uploaded within seconds.

“If a sheriff’s office is concerned about the manpower and costs associated with their alcohol screening programs, the AB Kiosk is their best solution,” said Patrick McKinney, general manager of Precision Kiosk Technologies. “This system simplifies the process for both offenders and the jurisdiction, and provides unlimited flexibility in tailoring the program within each jurisdiction. Perhaps most importantly, it closely monitors specific segments of offender populations and improves the safety of our communities.”

December 13, 2017 – by Susan Stover