Automated Border Control eGates and Kiosk Market to Exceed $1.2 Billion by 2020, Europe Set To Dominate

February 12, 2014 – by Peter B. Counter     

"The Global Automated Border Control Industry Report: Airport eGates and Kiosks"

The data in this article is presented for the first time in full detail by Acuity Market Intelligence in its new report “The Global Automated Border Control Industry Report: Airport eGates and Kiosks.” Click the above picture to learn more.

According to Acuity Market Intelligence the global market for Automated Border Control (ABC) eGates and kiosks will exceed $1.2 billion in annual revenue by 2020. Expected to grow at 20 percent CAGR over the next five years, it looks like Europe is going to be taking up the majority of the market with a forecasted 47 percent revenue share.

Over the forecasted period the total number of eGates deployed at border crossings is projected to reach a value greater than 6,000. Meanwhile immigration based kiosks at airports, land borders and seaports, along with specialized immigration boarding gates are forecasted to reach deployment numbers of 33,000. Europe will have a massive chunk of this market, making $2 billion during the period, which represents the projected 47 percent market share.

To put this into perspective, Asia will follow Europe’s lead with less than half of that. Acuity is projecting a 22.5 percent revenue share held by Asia, which will be generating almost $1 billion in revenues by 2020.

Acuity Principal Maxine Most expands: “Increasing international travel volumes and congested borders are driving adoption of automated border control processes. Across the globe, port management and border authorities are embracing ABC eGates and Kiosks as a means to provide modern, safe, and user-friendly border crossing experiences that facilitate global travel and provide enhanced sovereign security capabilities.”

What makes up this growing marketplace? According to the report airports are currently the dominant force here, representing 93 percent of all revenues and 95 percent of the installed units. By the end of the projected period, land and seaports will encroach only slightly on this dominance: by 2020 airports will still be the clear leader representing 80 percent of the revenue and market share.

“ABC eGates and Kiosks represent the roll out of customer facing “touch points” to what promises to be a far more complex and highly interoperable 21st century border management IT infrastructure,” continues Most. “Over time these IT systems will be incorporated into an even more comprehensive network that integrates both passenger and immigration processing; a network that will fundamentally reshape the global travel experience.“

The details of this exceptional market growth are being presented for the first time publicly on February 19, 2014 at 11AM Eastern Standard Time during a webinar presented by findBIOMETRICS titled The Global Automated Border Control Market: Forecasts & Analysis.

In addition to the webinar, the report “The Global Automated Border Control Industry Report: Airport eGates and Kiosks” – the first of its kind – provides previously unavailable critical data and statistics on ABC eGate and Kiosk solution volumes and revenue forecasts globally, by region, and by ABC solution type from 2014 to 2018.