Australian Taxation Office Brings Voice Recognition to Mobile App

Australian Tax Agency Brings Voice Recognition to Mobile AppThe Australian Taxation Office has expanded its use of voice recognition.

The system was first implemented last year for the ATO’s call center, using voice biometrics to identify enrolled callers passively as they spoke. The system went on to see about 1.5 million enrollments since its deployment, and has reportedly cut call times by 40-45 seconds by eliminating the need for ATO agents to go through a list of security questions for caller authentication.

Now, the ATO has brought this voice authentication system to its mobile app as well, allowing passive authentication for user access to a range of online services. It was the next logical step; commenting in a press release, ATO Assistant Commissioner John Dardo asserted that “feedback has shown an overwhelming acceptance of voice biometrics in the call center, making it a natural next step to bring this ease of access to the mobile app.”

The technology was once again implemented by Nuance Communications, a voice recognition specialist whose technology has seen a range of applications, from hospital patient records management to smart car systems.

January 21, 2016 – by Alex Perala