Auckland Airport Introduces Biometric Baggage System

Auckland Airport Introduces Biometric Baggage SystemAir New Zealand has introduced biometric baggage drop-off at the Auckland International Airport. The automated system work’s with the airline’s online check-in system and other self-service kiosks already in place.

To use it, travelers scan their boarding passes and passports at automated e-gates, matching their biometric data for identity authentication in a process similar to that used in the airport’s automated security screening. This time, though, their identity data is linked to their baggage, automating a process that many travelers find cumbersome and arduous in traditional, manual set-ups. At the moment, the airport has five such baggage kiosks, but eight more are planned for future implementation.

It’s the same technology used in the SmartGate security screening kiosks deployed by Morpho (Safran) at this and other airports in the country, a border security project that is being expanded as New Zealand’s government officials seek to keep pace with rising tourism. Incidentally, the new automated baggage system also accords somewhat with recent market reports on how biometric technology can be used to improve the air travel experience, and indeed may help to contribute to customer loyalty as more travelers try it out.

Source: The New Zealand Herald

December 10, 2015 – by Alex Perala