Athletic Club Integrates Frictionless Security

Frictionless security thanks to multimodal biometricsA major social and athletic club in Canada has installed FST’s In-Motion Identification (IMID) system to improve security and member convenience. Members of The Granite Club can now enjoy the ease of access of having doors automatically open for them as they approach.

FST’s technology identifies individuals using a combination of biometric modalities including motion pattern, facial, and voice recognition. This passive authentication frees users of the need to perform any particular actions to identify themselves; they just need to approach a door in order for that door to be unlocked and opened. It’s a solution ideal for athletic and recreational facilities, where health and hygiene standards are improved by removing the need for touch-based interaction with objects and surfaces that many members share.

More importantly, though, it’s convenient and secure. Speaking in a press release, The Granite Club COO James DiRenzo emphasized the sophistication, convenience, and “unparalleled security” of FST’s IMID system. “We wanted a solution that provided secure access and comprehensive usage data, without creating any obstacles for our busy club members, whose time is truly a precious commodity,” he added.

In addition to securing and automating doors through certain areas of the club, the technology has also been installed to secure its children’s center, providing what FST calls “the highest level of protection and security for members’ children.”

March 26, 2015 – by Alex Perala