AssureTec Wins Canadian Patent for Biometric Document Authentication

iStock_eLock-300x225Authentication solutions developer AssureTec has received approval for a major Canadian patent, the company says. The patent, “Document and Bearer Verficiation” Patent 2,469,797, relates to methodology for the verification of biometric data as it relates to official documentation while limiting the exposure of that data to others.

AssureTec says that the patent is essentially the Canadian version of a US patent recently won by the company. Speaking in a press release, AssureTec CEO Steve Maloney asserted that “the issuance of both the Canadian version and the US version of this patent allows AssureTec to continue to create the most accurate and secure document issuance and identity verification programs for both commercial and government users while enabling the industry’s highest level of protection of personal information.” The company intends to use the patent to help advance it technology, according to the press release.

That could prove lucrative, given the growing popularity of secure, biometric official documents. In Canada, a Saskatchewan provincial agency is looking for vendors to help its development of biometric ID cards and driver’s licences, while in the US, Washington State recently embarked on a similar initiative. It’s all part of a worldwide trend that is seeing governments at various levels embrace the advanced security of biometric documents.

February 24, 2015 – by Alex Perala