ASEAN Countries Agree to Share Terrorists’ Biometric Data

Multiple countries in Southeast Asia will share the biometric data of known terrorists to improve security in the region, reports Singapore’s Today.

ASEAN Countries Agree to Share Terrorists' Biometric DataIndonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and other countries agreed on the approach at this week’s International Meeting on Counter-Terrorism in Bali, which took place alongside the Counter-Terrorism Financing Summit, an event that featured delegates from other states including the US, China, and Russia. The Southeast Asian states also agreed to share expertise in the areas of de-radicalization.

Speaking at the meeting, Malaysian Deputy PM Dr. Ahmad Zahid Hamidi emphasized the need for sophisticated border security, an area in which biometric screening can play an important role. It’s the continuation of a stance adopted by Dr. Zahid in bilateral talks with Malaysia’s neighbor Thailand, with which the country’s leadership is seeking an agreement to share biometric data as the countries negotiate a dual citizenship program; Dr. Zahid also called on all ASEAN countries to adopt biometric border screening late last year.

While the meeting’s participants extensively discussed other solutions to fight terrorism, the importance ascribed to biometric data indicates the growing use of biometric security by governments around the world.

Source: Today

August 10, 2016 – by Alex Perala