Ascend Mate 7 Is The First Android Smartphone to Feature a Biometric Touch Sensor

Yesterday, Chinese smartphone OEM Huawei announced its new flagship mobile device, the Ascend Mate 7. The new device has been impressing mobile reviewers with it’s design specs, but in the identity management community it’s making a bigger splash. The Ascend Mate 7 distinguishes itself as the first Android smartphone to feature a capacitive touch sensor.

Mobile Biometrics

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The sensor associated with this milestone is the FPC1020, released late last year by Fingerprint Cards AB (FPC).

As a result of an earlier agreement between FPC and Precise Biometrics, the latter’s fingerprint matching algorithm, Precise BioMatch Mobile, is also featured on the newest Ascend Mate.

According to Fingerprint Cards CEO and president Johan Carlström, the design win associated with this flagship smartphone was originally announced on December 20 of last year. At the time of the win, Huawei requested anonymity, as the smartphone market is extremely competitive.

“Huawei is the third largest smartphone manufacturer in the world and we are proud that Huawei selected FPC (FPC1020) for this flagship launch,” says FPC president and CEO Johan Carlström. “We congratulate Huawei on being the first player in the world to launch an Android smartphone featuring a touch fingerprint sensor.”

According to Bruce Li, Huawei’s PDT manager, fingerprint sensors are becoming essential in the smartphone race.

“We see fingerprint sensors as a key feature of smartphones for important use cases, such as mobile payments and data protection,” says Li. “We are very pleased with the performance of the FPC touch fingerprint sensor and the support that FPC has provided to us and are looking forward to continued cooperation with FPC.”

Prior to the announcement earlier this week, our sister site, Mobile ID World, reported that the Ascend Mate 7 will be using its (at the time unidentified) fingerprint sensor to authorize mobile wallet payments both online at at point of sale. The mobile payment feature comes courtesy of the Alipay app from Alibaba: a mobile wallet that can claim over 100 million subscribers.

September 5, 2014 – by Peter B. Counter