Aruba Airport Embraces Biometrics for the People

The Aruba government is committed to implementing new technologies in order to improve the customer experience at the island’s airport. In support of this initiative it is holding the Happy Flow demo meeting with an aim to establish a pre-clearance situation between Aruba and The Netherlands.

Vision-Box has been selected by the committee behind this initiative for the second year in a row to trial its biometric border control technology.

“This project is indeed a revolution in the airport ecosystem,” says Jean-François Lennon, Vision-Box’s director of global business development in sales and marketing. “For the first time ever, biometrics is being used as the main passenger identification token in an airport. Instead of using either a passport or a boarding pass, the passenger swiftly goes through all airport control points where he simply has to have his identity checked by looking at facial recognition cameras.”

The company has been very vocal and optimistic in support of this frictionless airport security experience. Once a traveller’s passport is validated at check-in she can proceed through all of the airport control points without having to present documents again. Replacing the document check-ins is facial recognition biometrics. Travellers look into a facial recognition camera instead.

This makes the process completely self-serve and therefore quicker and more convenient. This event is being used as a trial for the biometric airport experience, but Vision-Box has stated in a press release that before the end of 2014, Aruba Airport will be hosting a permanent pilot project of Happy Flow.

“Emphasis is on preventive measures, not on reactive ones,” further explains Lennon. “The relevance of the pre-clearance initiative is world-ranging. It means these countries are building a broad-based platform for further cooperation and intelligence exchange, which will be a case study of world relevance for more cooperative, efficient and reliable border management around the world.”

Border control solutions that leverage biometrics as an automation process are gaining quite a bit of traction. This is especially true in airports. For more information on this area of biometric application register for next Wednesday’s findBIOMETRICS webinar: The Global Automated Border Control Market: Forecasts & Analysis 2014 – 2018, Part 2.

May 22, 2014 – by Peter B. Counter