SRI International and Applied Science Foundation for Homeland Security Partner to Provide Technology Solutions to First Responders

SRI International and the Applied Science Foundation for Homeland Security have signed a strategic alliance partner agreement to foster collaboration relating to the development, testing, and fielding of technology designed to meet the needs of first responders at the federal, state, and local levels. The agreement between the organizations will facilitate the exchange of ideas, technology, and experiences between the Foundation’s resident research partners, government agencies, and the Morrelly Homeland Security Center, all located at the Foundation’s headquarters.

As part of the agreement, SRI will work with the Foundation and the resident research partners to create and commercialize products, and to provide training capabilities to allow for easier and more effective communications during emergency and disaster situations. SRI currently has programs in maritime and port security, military and first responder interoperability training, cyber security, disaster resiliency, interoperable communications, and biometrics that apply to the Foundation’s mission.

"With the Foundation’s commitment to first response and situational awareness technologies, and SRI’s maritime test facility in St. Petersburg, this agreement will strengthen the Department of Homeland Security’s ability to test, evaluate, and field new technologies," said Brigadier General Gary Brown, USMC, Retired, director of the Center for Maritime and Port Security at SRI. "It will allow for rapid and efficient placement of capable communications systems where they need to be in emergency situations — in the hands of first responders and security operators."

The Foundation has created a nationally recognized entity for applied science, focused on the convergence of cutting-edge technology through collaboration of various onsite federal, state, and local first responder communities, resident and associate engineering firms, and academia. The Foundation functions as a central node of innovative networking and as a virtual location for linking research to develop and test assets with end users, enabling organizations, and institutions. Enhancing these capabilities is the Foundation’s immediate resources to manufacturing and commercialization, marketing, and field evaluation of these items in responder table-top and full functional exercises, and in the field.

With the direct involvement of numerous universities, the Foundation ties such innovative processes in related research, educational programs, conferences and strategy sessions. In the event of a large scale emergency or disaster, the Foundation’s facilities can immediately transition into command and control mode serving as a regional emergency operation center.

"Along with our Chairman, Paul Schneider, I want to welcome SRI International to the Foundation," said Frank Otto, President of the Foundation. "SRI’s rich history of innovation and technology will further our efforts in bringing world class products to our first responders."

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