Life-Prints Introduces a New Solution for Child Identification and Protection Software

While reports of child abductions, school shootings and natural disasters remain pervasive in today’s news, many parents are seeking tools that will help them to protect their children. A new software system, Life-Prints, is going above and beyond traditional child ID cards to create child profiles that are fully compatible with the systems used by police departments and other key child protection agencies.

Many parents go out of their way to find technological solutions to protect their children. Some invest in current photo child ID cards, medical information bracelets and detailed record organization systems. While these are all helpful proactive measures, a new generation of child protection tools has evolved. Life-Prints is revolutionizing the way home-based technology is used to protect children by formatting critical data specifically for law enforcement purposes.

The Life-Prints’ child protection software is designed to minimize the amount of time it takes to release vital information to law enforcement authorities and to makes it easy to keep this information as current as possible. An emergency button provides built-in transmission to Law Enforcement and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. Available in both single child and family versions, Life-Prints provides storage for six high-definition photos. These photos are updated and maintained at the family’s convenience. The software helps parents maintain vital identification information, physical descriptions, allergy and medical information and contact lists, including contact information for children’s schools and friends. The software is fully compatible with digital fingerprint technology in wide use today.

The developers of Life-Prints worked directly with the developers of Critical Reach, a police missing persons bulletin system serving more than 1500 law enforcement agencies nationwide, to ensure that the child safety software would work seamlessly with their system. Todd Bower, Executive Director of Critical Reach, explains, “To the extent Life Print [Life-Prints is successful in getting parents and schools on board, it will make the very important current photo of the child more readily available to local law enforcement… it will improve response time accordingly.”

One of the most helpful features of Life-Prints is an emergency button that provides instant transmission of a child’s profile to local law enforcement and to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. The software also allows unlimited printing of child ID cards, unlike annual event-based programs which don’t allow more than one per year. Life-Prints also enables the maintenance of digital fingerprint files created by any device capable of producing FBI standard EFT prints.

“When a child goes missing, what matters most is time and information,” says Sgt. Kenneth Roman, police liaison from the Poughkeepsie, NY Police Department. “A great deal of critical time is lost while parents go in search of files containing sometimes outdated photographs and or smudged fingerprint cards. With Life-Prints, parents can now immediately provide law enforcement the essential tools needed to greatly increase the odds of a successful recovery.”

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About Life-Prints:

Providing child identification software designed specifically for immediate use by law enforcement and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, Life-Prints is putting technology to work for today’s parents. The Life-Prints software provides unlimited child ID cards, sophisticated and detailed record keeping and tools for instant police notification if a child goes missing.