Year In Review 2008

The response to this year’s YIR was our largest ever with 65 companies/industry experts responding to our questionnaire. This is 20%  higher than our review in 2007! We received responses from Canada, Spain, Russia, Australia, China, Ireland, Brazil, Hong Kong, Sweden, Mexico, Germany, UK, Israel, The Netherlands, Lithuania, Singapore, France, Korea, Japan, Italy, Malaysia and the USA. 

Read what the industry leaders thought about significant events and milestones for the Biometric Industry last year; pressing issues facing the Biometric Industry for 2009 and what 2009 may hold for Biometrics

Participants include:
LG Electronics, NEC, Sagem-Morpho, Lockheed Martin,Lumidigm, IBIA, Cross Match Technologies, Aware, Daon,IdentiPHI, National Biometric Security Project, RF Logics, BIO-key, Greenbit, WCC, San Jose State University, Triad, Cognitec, Acuity, AOptix, Deloitte UK, Privaris, SeMarket, Hirsch Electronics, Frost & Sullivan, Datastrip, SecurLinx, Speech Technology Center, Suprema, Wasp Barcode Technologies, People Key, Digital Persona, ZK Software, Ceelox, Agnitio, Fingerprint Cards, IriTech, OmniPerception, L-1 Identity Solutions, Human Recognition Systems, IdentiMetrics, bioMETRX, Neurotechnology, Motorola, Face-tech, SmartMatic, MB fingerMetrica, FingerTec, Ingersol Rand/Schlage, Persay, SOFTPRO, Identita, Kimaldi, DDS, Sarnoff, RCG Corporation, J. Markowitz Consultants, Merkatum, MicroLatch, BioRecognition Security, Biometrika, Validity, Panasonic, Upek and CEM/Tyco.
In your view, what have been the three most significant milestones/announcements for the Biometric Industry this year?
What are the most pressing issues facing the Biometric Industry as we move into 2009?
Was 2008 a good year for your company?   What were some of the highlights?   What will 2009 hold for your company?