Bharosa Introduces VoicePad to Protect Internet and Phone Transactions Against Fraud

Next Generation Voice Authentication Solution Reduces Risk and Operating Costs Through Automated, Out-of-Band Authentication

SANTA CLARA, CA- Bharosa, a global provider of proactive, real-time fraud detection and multifactor authentication solutions, today announced the release of VoicePad, which will expand Bharosa’s robust security offering to include voice authentication solutions that provide advanced protection for Internet and phone transactions. VoicePad enables businesses to lower fraud risk and reduce operating costs through secure verification of consumer identities. VoicePad is a next generation solution that offers improved and secure use of voice verification as a highly effective solution for out-of-band authentication.

VoicePad allows for securing identities using biometric voice prints and recognition of the user’s phone, a combination known as a “voice token.” The solution enables advanced protection of consumers without impacting their phone experience or a businesses’ bottom line.

Bharosa VoicePad: Features and Benefits

— Reduces Costs: VoicePad automates authentication for call centers and
agent-handled transactions to cut call time and drive down costs
— Provides Strong Two-Factor Authentication: VoicePad combines something
you have (the token) with something you are (a voice recording) to address regulators’ recommendations for strong authentication in cross-channels
— Simplifies Enrollment and Use: VoicePad’s user-friendly record and play features make it simple for consumers store a biometric voice template and authenticate using any telephone
— Improves Reliability: VoicePad eliminates voice variance issues caused by local acoustics, background noise, microphone quality, and the common cold to increase system reliability and prevent false negatives
— Eliminates Stolen Credential Issues: In the event that a user’s biometric credential is compromised, VoicePad enables re-enrollment using a new voice template

How it Works

VoicePad securely records and stores any combination of sounds and notes. For example, a user can either record his name or a snippet of a song. The user then enrolls with the authentication service using the VoicePad recording. In subsequent transactions, the user simply replays the recording using the VoicePad token to authenticate.

“VoicePad provides a crucial layer of security for any existing voice biometric process so organizations can unlock the power and immediacy of today’s electronic world while greatly reducing the risk of fraud,” said Thomas Varghese, President and Chief Technology Officer at Bharosa. “Bharosa has quickly joined the ranks of the industry’s largest security providers by offering an extremely robust, advanced suite of authentication and fraud detections solutions that are now securing over 16 million users in over 1,000 enterprises worldwide.”

About Bharosa

Bharosa is a global provider of proactive, real-time fraud detection and multifactor online authentication solutions for the enterprise. Bharosa’s Tracker product works behind the scenes to verify a host of factors used to confirm a user’s identity, including the user’s computer, location and online behavior. Tracker scores risk through a unique and proprietary “gated” security method and responds to risk in real time by increasing online security. Tracker offers strong asset and transaction authentication security that can be implemented without requiring any change to the online experience.

Another Bharosa enterprise product, Authenticator, protects sensitive credentials data from Phishing, Trojans and Proxy-Based Fraud. Tracker and Authenticator together form the organization’s most powerful weapon in the fight against online identity theft.

Bharosa, Inc. is a privately held company founded in May 2003 and headquartered in Santa Clara, California. More information is available at


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