Auraya Systems Expands Distribution of ArmorVox Speaker Identity System with 9 New Partners

Auraya Systems, a globally recognized expert on voice biometrics including voice authentication and identity solutions, expands its partner network by registering nine firms to integrate and sell its ArmorVox Speaker Identity System in North America, Europe, and Australia. Implementers of IVR, biometrics security systems and platform providers find Auraya Systems a flexible solutions provider of leading edge voice identification technology.

"Seeking alternatives to meet voice biometrics requirements for their clients, prospective partners inquired soon after we launched ArmorVox earlier this year," states Jeff LaBombard, vice president, Auraya Systems. "Collectively, they said they wanted a ‘partner-friendly’ collaborative supplier, a high performance voice identification technology, and a favorable pricing model that encourages enterprises to implement automated voice authentication."

ArmorVox incorporates advanced speaker identification methods and is the only product to fuse text-independent and text-dependent voice verification. Application developers deploy ArmorVox into call-center application servers located on-premise or in the cloud.

ArmorVox uniquely offers a fixed-price server-based model, as well as an annual SaaS subscription unlike higher priced alternatives that require individually priced modules and variable costs based on the number of voice prints enrolled or verified. "Our partners say they value our service-based pricing approach and appreciate that we do not impose per transaction pricing on clients — a model that is particularly prohibitive in large enterprises that service millions of consumers," adds LaBombard.

Auraya Systems, which relies exclusively on its Authorized Partners worldwide to implement ArmorVox, is gaining strong support among IVR providers, call center hosting services, and biometric security product integrators.

"ArmorVox has taken a new approach to the voice biometrics market. We see voice biometrics growing significantly in the coming year, and we applaud their effort to respond to partner business needs and make it easier to deliver a valuable service to the marketplace," said John Amein, senior vice president, product management, Voxeo. "We look forward to helping ArmorVox partners build and test their applications in the Voxeo voice hosting cloud or using Voxeo’s on-premises software."

To most voice authentication systems developers, the task of verifying identities and rejecting imposters using a voice biometrics engine is an implicit function, deeply embedded in a call center application.

Shahar Belkin, chief technology officer of FST21 Ltd explains, "Designed to let the right people in and keep the wrong people out, we deliver intelligent identity management solutions for access control to government, commercial, and residential buildings. As a voice component within our second generation biometrics system, ArmorVox helps meet client security requirements."

Support of Auraya Systems continues with Douglas Shand, CEO of UK-based Identico (formerly known as Leading Software) stating, "ArmorVox is a high performance voice authentication engine that provides reliable identity verification and impostor rejection. ArmorVox was easily integrated into the Identico Identity As A Service (IDaaS) platform providing a secure but flexible set of enrollment and verification processes. Auraya offers a practical technology with flexible pricing to match customer requirements, delivered exclusively through a sensible partner program."

Auraya Systems — New Partners at a Glance

North America

  • FST21 (
  • SecureReset (
  • Voice Innovate (
  • Voxeo (


  • FST21 (
  • Identico (formerly known as Leading Software) (
  • MIG International (


  • Lake Corporation (
  • NSC Group (
  • Salmat (

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ArmorVox Speaker Identity System is available through ArmorVox authorized partners. ArmorVox prices start at US$20,000 in subscription or enterprise license configurations for applications developers and end-users. Professional services and technical support are available from ArmorVox authorized partners.

Founded in 2006, Auraya Systems, the creators of ArmorVox Speaker Identity System is a global leader in the delivery of advanced voice biometric technologies for security and identity management applications in a wide range of markets including banks, government, and health services. Offices are located near Boston USA, Canberra and Sydney Australia. For more information, please visit

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