3M to use Cogent’s Technology for the Nigerian Seafarers’ Identity Document Program

SOUTH PASADENA, Calif.-Cogent Systems (Nasdaq: COGT – News) today announced its biometric fingerprint technology is integrated by 3M Corporation (NYSE: MMM – News) for the first operational implementation of the Seafarers’ Identity Document (SID) program worldwide by a ratified country of the International Labour Organization (ILO) agreement, taking place in Nigeria. In November, Cogent’s SID products (BioSDK3.10, COGENT BSP + CSD301 scanner) were qualified for the SID program upon meeting the ILO requirements under the SID Convention (Revised), 2003 (No. 185).

Cogent’s SID products include its fingerprint algorithmic technologies and Software Development Kit (SDK) bundled with Cogent’s optical fingerprint scanners. The SID products support image capture, quality control, SID fingerprint enrollment, SID template generation, SID fingerprint identification and verification. 3M Corporation integrated Cogent’s SID products and technologies for its implementation of the SID program in Nigeria. Earlier this year, the Joint Maritime Labour Industrial Council selected 3M to deploy the 3M(TM) Identity Document Issuance System for the Nigerian SID. The new SID employs biometric identity verification to help officials accurately verify the cardholder’s identity, consequently allowing seafarers easier entry to foreign ports.

The 3M System converts document holders’ fingerprints into a biometric template then encodes the prints into an internationally standardized, two-dimensional bar code printed on the SID card. The biometric components of the system help to ensure interoperability, meaning that the biometrics written by one country can be read by another. Authorities can use the 3M(TM) Identity Document Issuance System to compare “live” fingerprints of the SID holder with the biometrics stored on the document to confirm identity and check document authenticity. The 3M(TM) Identity Document Issuance System also helps ensure document security by issuing identification documents only to those who are entitled and authorized to receive them.

“Obtaining ILO qualification for our SID products was an important accomplishment for us, and we are proud to partner with 3M on the implementation of the SID program in Nigeria,” commented Ming Hsieh, President and Chief Executive Officer of Cogent. “SID programs are expected to be rolled out at an increasing rate by member nations in the coming months. With this in mind, we have developed innovative products conforming to ILO standards to take advantage of this growing opportunity.”

Additional Background

The International Labour Organization has revised its 1958 Convention on seafarers’ identity documents (also known as “seafarers’ IDs” or “SIDs”). The new Convention, the Seafarers’ Identity Documents Convention (Revised), 2003 (No. 185), which was adopted by the International Labour Conference in June 2003, introduced modern security features into the seafarers’ ID. One of those security features is a fingerprint biometric template, which shall be “conforming to a standard”. ILO requires all member nations (188 in all) to use SID products that have been tested by ILO designated lab for performance and interoperability and approved by ILO as qualified products.

About Cogent Systems

Cogent is a leading provider of Automated Fingerprint Identification Systems, or AFIS, and other fingerprint biometric solutions to governments, law enforcement agencies and other organizations worldwide. Cogent’s AFIS solutions enable customers to capture fingerprint images electronically, encode fingerprints into searchable files and accurately compare a set of fingerprints to a database containing potentially millions of fingerprints in seconds. For more information, please visit www.cogentsystems.com

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