Applied Recognition Opens Ver-ID to Mobile Developers

Toronto-based Applied Recognition is enabling its Ver-ID biometric credential verification solution for iOS and Android applications. The company has announced that it is now supporting Apache’s Cordova and Adobe’s PhoneGap, popular mobile development platforms.Applied Recognition Opens Ver-ID to Mobile Developers

The supports means that developers can add Ver-ID support to their apps “by adding just a few lines of code,” according to a statement announcing the support. And that means developers could build apps that can use facial recognition for user authentication, with applications ranging from secure login to photo ID verification. Launched last September, Ver-ID’s facial recognition technology offers up to 99.99 percent accuracy, Applied Recognition says.

It’s another example of how biometric authentication is finding its way onto mobile devices, where it’s increasingly in demand. As Applied Recognition CEO Don Waugh explains, the “ongoing digital transformation is moving sensitive, high-value transactions to mobile devices, driving the need for multimodal biometric features”.

But unlike some other solutions, Ver-ID does its work entirely on the user’s device, without storing biometric data on an external server – an approach that is increasingly popular.

February 13, 2017 – by Alex Perala