Anviz Upgrades Asia-Pacific Office With New R&D Facilities and Demo Rooms

Today, Anviz Global, a specialist in intelligent security including biometrics, announced that it’s operations facilities in Shanghai have been upgraded to include a large new research and development section as well as areas called “experience rooms” that allow customers to try the company’s technology for themselves.

Biometric Access Control

This summer, Anviz launched its new M5 biometric access control device in concert with the IFSEC 2014 exhibition.

The new Shanghai office measures in at about 3000 square meters, with the R&D facility taking up 700 of those units. Anviz is calling its research and development addition the centerpiece of the new Asia-Pacific office, tasking its staff with the advancement of biometrics, surveillance and RFID technology.

The customer experience center, a 108 meter squared showroom, is described as a space where employees can show clients the different ways that biometrics, surveillance and RFID tech can be deployed. The room sounds like a collision of verticals, or a museum of the future of access control, with simulated deployment areas like an airport terminal, an ATM, a retail counter and relevant areas of homes and hotels.

In addition to the facilities described above, Anviz has added a technical support room and an advanced training room to the new quarters.

This past summer, FindBiometrics reported that Anviz Global launched a new iris-based biometric access control solution. The solution is called UltraMatch and it can scan user irises from distances between 18 and 25 centimeters, even in complete darkness. It features a dual-functioning algorithm that can extract employee biometrics and also match scanned irises with stored templates.

UltraMatch can store up to 50,000 records for these purposes. The device is therefore ideal in high throughput environments, considering that as an iris solution it is contactless and quick. According to Anviz, the compact reader (measuring 180cm by 140cm by 70cm) can authenticate at near-instant speeds, so workplace efficiency is gained along with the biometric level security.

September 25, 2014 – by Peter B. Counter