Anviz Global Launches UltraMatch Iris Recognition System

AnvizButtonToday, Anviz Global announced the launch of a new biometric access control device that uses iris recognition to bolster security.

The solution is called UltraMatch and it can scan user irises from distances between 18 and 25 centimeters, even in complete darkness. It features a dual-functioning algorithm that can extract employee biometrics and also match scanned irises with stored templates.

UltraMatch can store up to 50,000 records for these purposes. The device is therefore ideal in high throughput environments, considering that as an iris solution it is contactless and quick. According to Anviz, the compact reader (measuring 180cm by 140cm by 70cm) can authenticate at near-instant speeds, so workplace efficiency is gained along with the biometric level security.

“Our engineers were looking to produce an access control device that surpasses the security measures provided by fingerprint technology,” explains Clark Ruan, Head of Business Development at Anviz. “They responded by creating the UltraMatch, a stylish and reliable machine but one which maintains a compact design and overall affordability.”

This is not to say that Anviz is anti-fingerprint in anyway. Just weeks ago, in concert with IFSEC International, the company launched the M5 physical access control device which uses fingerprint biometrics and no-touch RFID capabilities.

As we have explored in Multi-Modal Month, the power of choice is also a big factor in identity management. With a greater availability of diverse biometric access control options, it is becoming easier and easier for customers to serve their very specific next generation security needs.

June 26, 2014 – by Peter B. Counter