Anviz Biometrics Tech Protects Trade and Development Bank of Mongolia

Anviz Biometrics Tech Protects Trade and Development Bank of MongoliaThe Trade and Development Bank of Mongolia (TDB) has new biometric access control systems for its rooms and elevators, as well as a time and attendance tracking system, via Anviz Global technology. The technology was recently installed by subcontractor Topica.

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It’s a sophisticated set of systems. Floor access via elevator is now controlled by fingerprint scan, which is synced with individuals’ security access privileges; and fingerprint biometrics also control access to the building’s offices, and are used to collect and track employee attendance. Administrators also have remote system access, and can set the times at which staff are allowed access to certain facilities.

TDB is Mongolia’s oldest bank, and last year won “Best Bank of Mongolia” in the Euromoney Awards for Excellence Asia 2015 event. As such, Anviz’s latest deployment is a high-profile one for the company, complementing other recent deployments in Albania and India. As the company seeks to continue expanding globally, these kinds of projects should help it to attract new clients.

March 10, 2016 – by Alex Perala