AnchorID Aims to Boost Momentum with New Board Member

AnchorID is aiming to pick up some momentum with the appointment of a prominent new member of its Board of Directors. Mark Roe joins the Board after previous stints as Solar City’s VP of Operations and Engineering, and Apple’s Senior Director of Worldwide Service.

AnchorID Aims to Boost Momentum with New Board MemberIn a statement announcing the appointment, the company emphasized Roe’s track record, suggesting that his work with Apple was a factor in a 500+ percent increase in revenues for that company, and that he was “instrumental” in bringing SolarCity’s IPO to the NASDAQ – a particular experience that “aligns with our goals,” said AnchorID CEO David Schropfer. AnchorID also suggested that Roe joins the team at an important moment, with the company claiming to be “the fastest-growing cloud-based cyber security company in the US,” and one looking to expand in the country’ credit union sector. To the latter end, AnchorID already has some solid momentum, having been selected to provide the multimodal biometric authentication features of the CU Wallet digital money platform last September.

For his part, Roe appears enthusiastic, suggesting that “AnchorID has the potential to become a billion dollar provider of new identity services, as companies around the world prepare for the extinction of passwords.” Roe joins the company not only as a board member but as an investor.

January 10, 2017 – by Alex Perala