Americans Suffer from Pervasive ‘Cyber Insecurity’: Accenture

There is a pervasive sense of “cyber insecurity” among Americans, says Accenture.

Americans Suffer from Pervasive 'Cyber Insecurity': AccentureThe company’s assessment is the result of an online survey it commissioned of 3,469 online users. Thirty percent of respondents said they had been victims of digital crime, and 65 percent said they were not confident in law enforcement agencies’ ability to investigate such crimes, while 74 percent said they didn’t trust the government to keep their data secure.

While those results paint an alarming picture, respondents as a group were somewhat reluctant to embrace new security requirements. Sixty percent said they would be in favor of additional security questions, while 47 percent said they would support biometric authentication.

The findings suggest a certain amount of confusion about digital security issues among the public, with many individuals expressing concern about digital crime and uncertainty about how best to defend against it. Nevertheless, 85 percent agreed that their confidence in digital security could be improved with new digital defence services and the use of a secure digital identity, so there is an opportunity for more effective authentication technologies like biometrics to make some headway.

April 10, 2017 – by Alex Perala