AMAG Certifies SRI International Iris Biometric System

SRI International LogoThis week SRI International announced that AMAG Technology, an access control, IP video and intrusion detection solution provider (as well as a part of G4S), has certified its iris biometric system.

Thanks to this certification, SRI International is now a certified member of the Symmetry Extended Business Solutions Program. Now, SRI’s Iris on the Move N-Glance biometric system is integrated with AMAG’s Symmetry version 7.0.1 Security management System access control software.

The Iris on the Move (IOM) system is fast and convenient when it comes to physical access control deployments. It boasts the ability to function accurately in all lighting conditions and in outdoor deployment situations. As its name implies, IOM doesn’t require any more than a glance to authenticate, making it ideally suited for high throughput areas that would be jammed up if authorized personnel needed to worry about proper positioning.

“The integration with SRI’s IOM N-Glance system offers customers a hands-free, efficient biometric solution for Symmetry end users needing increased security,” explains Shae Taylor, Symmetry’s extended business solutions program manager.

“Positive identity verification is essential for effective access control,” says Mark Clifton, vice president of SRI International’s products and services division. “SRI’s highly accurate, easy-to-use biometric systems integrate seamlessly with Symmetry software to implement secure access throughout any facility or campus.”

Iris biometric technology is a perfect match for physical access control. All month at findBIOMETRICS we have been looking at the various applications, deployments and obstacles in this area of the biometrics industry. A great place to get started is with our list of real life biometric deployments that show the diversity in physical access control.