Rockwell Collins Automates Airport Baggage Checking with Biometrics

Air travel technology developer Rockwell Collins has brought facial recognition to its self-service baggage checking system for airports.

Rockwell Collins Automates Airport Baggage Checking with BiometricsThe system links travelers’ facial biometrics to their passports and boarding passes at the time of registration. Thereafter, they can check their own bags, depositing them into an automatic baggage handling system with the help of facial recognition.

In a statement announcing the capability, Rockwell Collins Product Management and Strategic Programs Senior Director Tony Chapman explained that it “replaces a time consuming, manual process with a more secure, seamless one, speeding up the passenger’s journey through the airport.”

It’s just one part of a larger biometric automation system, however; while Rockwell Collins says the self-service baggage checking system can be implemented as a standalone system, the company also asserts that its facial biometric registration could make the entire travel process an automated and self-service one for passengers. That’s an increasingly popular prospect, and one driving an increasingly competitive market, with companies like Vision-Box offering their own unified self-service and automation platforms for airports – also based on biometric authentication, of course.

March 17, 2017 – by Alex Perala