Airmail Email Client Gets Touch ID Support

The Airmail email client is now coming to the iPad. Having made its iPhone debut only a couple of months ago, the iOS app for iPad now offers useful new features including split-screen functionality and email scheduling.

Airmail Leverages Touch ID Security on iPadIt also now features Touch ID support, allowing users to log in via fingerprint scan rather than the usual username and password combination. While Apple pioneered the use of Touch ID for access to an Apple Device itself, the system is increasingly being leveraged more deeply to govern access to individual apps, as was the case when Apple enabled Touch ID protection for Notes documents in its latest version of the iOS operating system.

Airmail has also now improved its syncing with the Apple Watch. While this is undoubtedly a minor enhancement, it may signal the growing importance of Apple’s smartwatch within its overall ecosystem, since the makers of a popular app like Airmail evidently feel compelled to improve such support.

Sources: 9to5Mac, The Verge

(Originally posted on Mobile ID World)