AimBrain Gets UK Patent for Biometric Context System

UK-based AimBrain has attained a UK patent for one of the processes involved in its biometric authentication solution.

AimBrain Gets UK Patent for Biometric Context SystemEntitled “Conditional behavioural biometrics”, the patent outlines a system that assesses the contextual conditions around a given biometric factor – background noise in a voice recording, for example, or the lighting around a face – and then incorporates those contextual features into an overall biometric template. According to AimBrain, it’s an important sub-process of its overall biometric authentication system, which revolves around not only facial and voice recognition, but also behavioral biometrics.

The patent was designed by AimBrain co-founder and CTO Alesis Novik. As he explained in a statement announcing the patent, the process outlined “enables AimBrain to develop a more detailed mathematical construct of each user; how they look, sound or behave across a broad range of settings.” That, in turn, helps the system to recognize users across a range of settings with greater accuracy.

The patent was filed at the end of last year, well before AimBrain entered into a deal to bring its biometric technology to InAuth’s InMobile authentication platform this past summer. Now, with the patent’s approval, AimBrain can proceed ahead with surer footing as its profile in the authentication security industry continues to rise.

Sources: AimBrain, Espacenet

October 18, 2017 – by Alex Perala