AI Emerges as Key Theme Ahead of Money20/20

Money20/20 is still a couple of months away, but artificial intelligence is already shaping up to be a major topic of conversation.AI Emerges as Key Theme Ahead of Money20/20

It’s a prominent theme in four high-profile presentations slated for the event. One of them will see Morgan Stanley’s Chief Digital Officer of Wealth management, Naureen Hassan, deliver a talk entitled “AI in Wealth Management: Revolution or Evolution?” Another talk, hosted by Synchrony CEO Margaret Keane and ZestFinance CEO Douglas Merrill, is called “Building Trust with Consumers: Explainable AI & the Future of Underwriting”.

A third talk tackles the growing prominence of voice-based AI technologies – “The Conversational AI Revolution: The Future of Banking in Any Language”; while another event will delve into some of thorny ethical issues that are emerging with sophisticated AI technologies – “Ethics & Opportunity: Candid Conversation on Applications (and Implications) of AI in FinTech”, hosted by DMS Governance’s John D’Agostino and Oxford Associate Fellow and MIT Media Lab lecturer David Shrier.

It all tracks with the ongoing ascent of AI, which has dovetailed with the rise of biometric authentication in financial services, as many biometric technologies are essentially AI technologies. And it tracks with the massive growth in online data as more and more financial services are performed online, offering opportunities to leverage AI to collect and manage that data. Two other major speaking events, incidentally, will delve into these areas as well: “Building on the Four Pillars of Payment Security”, hosted by Visa’s Head of Fraud & Breach Investigations Tia Ilori and Vice Chairman of Risk and Public Policy Ellen Richey; and “Empathy in the Machine Age: How Data Science Reveals Insights, Improves Marketing Effectiveness & Powers Human Creativity”, hosted by BlackRock Senior Managing Director Frank Cooper III and Enigma CEO Hicham Oudghiri.

August 21, 2018 – by Alex Perala