AEON Trials Naked Banking Solution at Select Branches

A Japanese bank is trialing a new authentication system with technology from Mofiria.

AEON Trials Naked Banking Solution at Select BranchesAEON Bank has announced that thanks to trials at five of its branches, customers will now be able to access ATMs with biometrics alone – no cards or PINs. The technology is based on fingerprint and finger vein recognition, with the multimodality helping to improve the security of the system over an initial proof of concept from last year. End users have their account information tied directly to their biometric profiles, allowing them to access bank services just by scanning their fingers.

As pioneering an effort as that is, it isn’t the only naked payments experiment underway in Japan. A firm called Liquid, Inc. has been trialing such technology with government support, and announced that a nationwide rollout of its system is planned for 2020.

For its part, AEON may get its solution in operation on a large scale sooner, with the company aiming to have it implemented at all of its branches by October of next year.

December 6, 2017 – by Alex Perala