ADDING MULTIMEDIA Validity Announces the World’s Most Flexible Fingerprint Authentication Platform for Smartphones and Tablets

ValiditySAN JOSE, Calif.– Validity Sensors®, Inc., the leader in Natural ID™ authentication fingerprint sensors, launches the world’s first Mobile Natural ID Platform™ providing OEMs with a flexible solution capable of meeting the unique design and security needs of smartphones, tablets, and phablets. Currently being designed into products by leading OEMs, Validity’s platform consists of a sensor with customizable ID, a control IC, and all software required for integration into a mobile environment.

“Fingerprint sensors and other biometric authentication technologies are loaded with mass market potential. These technologies can enable a safe and personalized connected mobile experience,” said Ben Bajarin, principal at Creative Strategies. “With the integration options available for these new technologies, and the rapid industry adoption of enhanced security features, we expect OEMs to aggressively innovate in this area.”

Building upon the Company’s volume-proven and patented LiveFlex® technology, the new Mobile Natural ID Platform includes a sensing element separate from the silicon IC, which provides virtually unlimited mobile integration options. Its flexible architecture allows for a range of solutions including customizable buttons of any shape, size, and color.

“The clean integration of Natural ID fingerprint sensors will change the way consumers interact with their always-connected mobile devices,” said Michael Maia, vice president of sales and marketing at Validity. “With a simple touch of the finger, people will securely access their devices and personal digital content in a very intuitive way. Because of this user experience shift, the widespread adoption of fingerprint sensors in consumer electronics is undeniable.”

The Validity Mobile Natural ID Platform includes complete SDKs for Android™ Jelly Bean, Windows®, and Linux® providing turnkey solutions for OEMs and ODMs to quickly and easily integrate Validity’s fingerprint technology into their systems. Through experience gained by developing solutions for stringent enterprise environments, Validity’s products provide the highest end-to-end security with features such as data encryption, one time passwords, and in the near future, “match-on-chip” functionality.

Validity is a founding member of the FIDO Alliance, which has defined a protocol for an open, scalable, interoperable set of mechanisms that reduce the reliance on passwords to authenticate users. With the recent announcement of support for FIDO by Google, Lenovo, PayPal, and others, a common industry protocol has emerged to enable rapid adoption of strong authentication for mobile and cloud based transactions. The FIDO client software is integrated into the Validity Mobile Natural ID SDK.

The Validity Mobile Natural ID Platform is available now to select OEMs and ODMs. Contact your local sales representative for details.

About Validity

Headquartered in San Jose, California, Validity ( is the world leader in Natural ID authentication, providing fingerprint sensors with the highest levels of performance, security, cost-effectiveness and design flexibility. Validity’s patented LiveFlex fingerprint sensor technology enables authentication, mobile payments, and touch-based navigation for applications ranging from invisible, under-glass sensors for smartphones; buttons for handsets and tablets; and the world’s thinnest palm-rest designs for Ultrabook® computers. For the latest news on biometrics and authentication, read Mr. Taveau’s Natural ID blog.

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