Access-to-Time Introduces Custom Designed Biometric Time Clocks from uAttend for Manufacturing Industry

Somerset, England, 11 April 2013:  Access-to-Time, the leading provider of uAttend HR & Payroll management solutions in the UK, has announced the launch of face recognition time and attendance systems that are custom designed to help manufacturing industry in the UK.

Access-to-Time has launched various time and attendance solutions that are specifically designed to meet individual needs of certain niche industries. The latest launch is also part of its efforts to help UK businesses become more streamlined and efficient. Their success is best illustrated in their latest endeavour for manual process manufacturing industry.

Manufacturing industry, particularly the businesses where employees work with their hands, faces problems using fingerprint reading systems as they become somewhat difficult to read due to the wear and tear. For this very reason, Access-to-Time recently launched biometric time and attendance systems that clock employee time through facial recognition thus providing a very secure way of recording accurate time and attendance.

Watkiss Automation Limited(WAL) manufacture print finishing equipment and are one of the leading players in the UK. They have been in the printing equipment business for more than 3 decades and today operate 3 separate factories with more than 70 employees in various departments. Before uAttend, they had a manual time and attendance system in place where employees filled their hours in a manual time sheet. A lot of employees filled out their time sheets from memory rather than doing so at the actual time of clocking in or out and there was a lot of rounding off of the 10-15 minute late arrivals.

In addition, it was overly time consuming to go through all the timesheets and verify time worked, overtime due, holiday, sickness and unpaid leave and then transfer this information to a spreadsheet prior to entering the figures onto their Payroll System for calculation of salaries. Usually this task would take up more than half a day to complete.

After extensive research on the internet, WAL decided to go for face recognition time clocks from uAttend UK. After a short trial and being highly impressed with the ease of use and the results it provided, the company installed these biometric face recognising solutions in all of its locations.

“I now have the uAttend website as my homepage on the internet and every morning we check to see who has logged in. If anyone has not clocked in I speak to their supervisor to see if they have called in if they have not booked holiday – this way we know who is in attendance daily. When employees are late, a note is added to the timecard for our records,” Susan Attew, Finance Director at Watkiss Automation Limited explains.

She further elaborates how they discovered the uAttend data differs from manual time sheets highlighting the deficiencies of manual time and attendance. “We have now been running our face recognition time and attendance systems on a trial basis for 3 months alongside our existing manual timesheets. We can export the data from the uAttend database and import into our spreadsheet which then automatically analyses the data to produce the figures we require for our payroll. We record all absences together with notes on the individual timecards so that this data (e.g. Holiday, Sickness etc.) also comes across in the export report. We have checked the manual timesheets against the ‘actual’ time and it is interesting how much rounding up goes on! We can easily see that there is at least 1 hour of un-worked time per month per employee that we were paying for due to late arrivals and early leaving.”

uAttend biometric time clocks are totally risk free, low-commitment, and extremely easy to implement and use by average employees. UK businesses have greatly benefited from uAttend workforce management solutions marketed by Access-to-Time and the latest launch targeting the manufacturing industry is widely expected to be well received among local businesses.

Access-to-Time, based in Somerset, helps businesses and organisations to save time and money by efficiently managing their workforces’ attendance using powerful Time and Attendance (T&A) systems. The company is working to change the way we do T&A.

Access-to-Time provides computerised T&A systems plus expert advice and reliable on-going support to employers from all types of businesses and organisations who are managing 5 to 5000 plus employees. Its clients enjoy stress-free monitoring of working hours and absences, time-savings and reduced payroll costs, with savings of at least 2 per cent of payroll being demonstrated when a T&A system has been implemented.

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