Access Control Company Places Order for NEXT Fingerprint Sensors

Biometrics News - Access Control Company Places Order for NEXT Fingerprint Sensors

NEXT Biometrics has received a substantial purchase order worth roughly $100,000. The order concerns fingerprint sensor modules that NEXT expects to deliver in the fourth quarter of 2019 and into 2020.

The announcement did not reveal which company placed the order, but did disclose that it came from an existing NEXT customer that planned to use the modules in a biometric smart card reader. The readers themselves will be used to facilitate simple yet secure access control login protocols, echoing a similar deal with an undisclosed access control company in August. It’s unclear if the new order is coming from that company or another NEXT customer.

Either way, the unspecified purchase order is the first noteworthy deal under the tenure of incoming NEXT CEO Peter Heuman, who officially stepped into the role on September 16th. It also comes shortly after a Q2 report in which NEXT predicted “hypergrowth” in the smart card market, and the payment card market in particular.  

To that end, NEXT has turned its attention to India, where its biometric sensors have been integrated into multiple Aadhaar payment terminals over the course of the past few months.  The latest deal demonstrates that NEXT’s sensors can be used for multiple applications, and that the company is indeed well positioned to capitalize on the anticipated growth.

September 20, 2019 – by Eric Weiss