Aadhaar-Linked Teacher Tracking Expanding in Rural India

Authorities in another district council in India are pushing harder to extend biometric attendance tracking for schools in their jurisdiction, reports The Hindu.

Aadhaar-Linked Teacher Tracking Expanding in Rural IndiaLast month, district council authorities in Karnataka state introduced an attendance tracking program linked to Aadhaar, India’s national biometric ID system. The aim was to improve outcomes for students by ensuring that teachers were accountable in their duties.

Now, district council authorities in the town of Vijayapura are seeking to ensure that the technology reaches rural areas, where truancy among teachers is believed to be a bigger problem in comparison to urban areas. At a recent meeting concerning the Karnataka Development Programme, an official reported that while biometric readers were being installed at the district’s 152 high schools, funds were lacking to bring the technology to its 1,870 primary schools. In response, the meeting chair urged the official to prepare a proposal for expanding the program.

Given that rain leakages into classrooms, clean drinking water, and toilets were among the other issues of concern at the meeting, the discussion of biometric tracking indicates the remarkable importance that this technology has claimed in everyday life in India with the rise of Aadhaar. And with the many other deployments of biometric attendance tracking across India, it seems reasonable to expect that rural schools in Karnataka will soon get the technology, too.

Source: The Hindu

July 15, 2016 – by Alex Perala