Aadhaar Biometric Screening Coming to Bangalore Airport

Aadhaar, India’s pioneering national biometric ID program, is expanding its presence in air travel security. As The Economic Times reports, the Bangalore International Airport is preparing to enable Aadhaar-based security screening for travelers.Aadhaar Biometric Screening Coming to Bangalore Airport

The aim is to make the screening process smoother and more convenient for travelers, with a high-level airport executive explaining that it “should be as simple as waving my hand to get entry into the airport.” Security is also likely top of mind, with biometrics increasingly being leveraged by border authorities elsewhere in the world to help ensure that no dangerous persons are allowed onto planes.

While the Hyderabad airport implemented biometric screening last year, the Bangalore Kempegowda International Airport’s Aadhaar screening system is only in a testing phase for now, with airport authorities working with Safran and Vision-Box on the project. The latter has had notable success in reducing passenger processing times with Happy Flow deployments, and has lately been promoting its Orchestra platform as an automated passenger processing system.

Improving efficiency and security at airports is a pressing issue for India, with KPMG reporting considerable growth in air traffic; but as The Economic Times points out, in order for the Aadhaar screening system to be truly effective, it will need to be linked to national criminal databases, and a higher percentage of the population would need to be enrolled – though Aadhaar authorities are certainly pushing ahead on these fronts.

Source: The Economic Times

November 3, 2016 – by Alex Perala