Aadhaar Authentication Comes to Skype Lite

Aadhaar authentication is now available for users of Skype Lite in India.

Aadhaar Authentication Comes to Skype LiteThe feature was first announced in February of this year. It lets users of the video chat service to confirm their identities using India’s national biometric ID program at any time during a call, and to request such confirmation from others. To authenticate, users need only to enter their Aadhaar numbers and a password sent via SMS; the system will then use credentials including name, year of birth, Aadhaar photo, and the last four digits of their Aadhaar numbers to confirm their identities.

Skype Lite’s Aadhaar authentication feature comes soon after the Unique Identification Authority of India began seeking to collaborate with IT companies on Aadhaar-integrated services, suggesting that this could be the first of deeper collaboration on the part of Microsoft, which owns Skype.

For Indian citizens, the feature offers a means of confirming that those they’re speaking with online are who they say they are, with applications in areas like sensitive business transactions and government communications.

Source: Microsoft News Center India

July 5, 2017 – by Alex Perala