A Survey Data Surprise in This Week’s Top Biometrics Stories

Biometrics News - A Survey Data Surprise in This Week's Top Biometrics Stories

Market research news is always a popular topic among FindBiometrics readers, but it’s a little bit surprising to see that an item about survey research turned out to be the most popular news story in this week’s roundup of FindBiometrics’ top articles.

Of course, it is an interesting report. Issued by Experian, the 2020 Global Identity and Fraud Report found, among other things, that there is a substantial gap between businesses’ belief that they know who their customers are, and consumers’ feeling that they are not recognized by online merchants. It’s an issue for which biometric technology offers ready solutions, which helps to explain the item’s popularity:

Experian Report Finds Online Retailers Struggle with Customer Recognition

Another of this week’s most popular articles offers a case in point. CIMB Bank Philippines has opted to take advantage of Jumio’s selfie-based authentication technology to authenticate customers. That can certainly help to improve the user experience, but it’s also a strong countermeasure against fraud – an issue touched on in our recent podcast interview with Jumio VP Dean Nicolls:

CIMB Bank Philippines to Deploy Selfie-Based Authentication Courtesy of Jumio

This week also brought border control news that proved interesting to FindBiometrics readers. One of the items covers an effort at transparency from the US Citizenship and Immigration Service over how it collects biometric data:

US Citizen and Immigration Services Clarifies Biometric Collection Policies

… And the other concerns the Malaysian government’s plans for new biometric eGates to be deployed at the country’s border with Singapore. The gates will be provided by Datasonic through a contract valued at about $1.7 million:

Datasonic to Provide Biometric e-Gates for Malaysian Border

Finally, FindBiometrics’ Year in Review coverage once again found its way into this week’s top stories roundup. The feature in question here asked major companies in the biometrics space – Aerendir, Hitachi, and TECH5 – for their own takes on 2019:

Year in Review: The Industry Speaks, Part 1 – Surfing the Privacy Wave as Biometrics Surge


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February 9, 2020 – by Alex Perala