3M System Can Scan and Match Faces Via Live Video

3M has launched a facial recognition system that can identify individuals in real time.

3M System Can Scan and Match Faces Via Live VideoCalled 3M Live Face Identification System, it can monitor live video or saved footage, and can scan multiple faces simultaneously. It can also be connected to PC and mobile devices to send instant alerts when matches are found.

It’s a system that clearly offers security applications. In a statement announcing the system, 3M Cogent Global Business Manager Christopher Ede explained, “Knowing the challenges that law enforcement and border patrol agents are faced with when providing security for uncontrolled environments, 3M’s new software is truly an effective yet practical solution for proactive security.” Ede added that it could prove to be “a powerful and non-obstrusive solution” in both law enforcement and border control applications.

To that end, the system offers a ‘watch list’ function that allows agents to designate certain faces for clearance or prohibition, and it’s available with an SDK for customized deployments.

September 20, 2016 – by Alex Perala