New Integrations Suggest 360 Satisfied With FPC1035

China-based smartphone maker 360 is sticking with tried-and-true biometric hardware from Fingerprint Cards for the fingerprint sensors of its newest pair of smartphones. The Q5 and Q5+ each feature an FPC1035 sensor.New Integrations Suggest 360 Satisfied With FPC1035

It’s the same sensor model used in 360’s last smartphone, the 360 N4S, and its debut device, the F4, suggesting that 360 was satisfied with the sensor’s performance. For the smartphone maker, FPC is a long-time collaborator, having provided biometric hardware for smartphones released under the company’s previous name, Qiku, before it rebranded as 360.

In a statement announcing the integration, FPC said that 360’s latest devices “focus on extreme security”, and suggested that its sensors would be used to allow different users to access their own unique profiles via biometric authentication.

August 23, 2016 – by Alex Perala