2018 EAB Awards Recognize Cutting-Edge Biometrics Research

2018 EAB Awards Recognize Cutting-Edge Biometrics ResearchThe European Association for Biometrics, a non-profit industry association, has presented three European researchers with awards recognizing their efforts.

One of the academics, Universidad Autonoma de Madrid’s Ruben Tolosana, received the European Biometrics Industry Award for a thesis entitled “Incorporating Touch Biometrics to Mobile Passwords,” which detailed a mobile authentication system in which a user draws each digit of a PIN on their device’s touchscreen, rather than typing them out. In a statement announcing the award, the EAB asserted that this method has actually been widely embraced in Spain, asserting that such solutions “are already deployed in almost 50% of the Spanish banking sector.”

Meanwhile, there was a tie for this year’s European Biometrics Research Award. Roma Tre University’s Rig Das was recognized for a PhD thesis entitled, “Deep Learning for Face and Vein Biometrics”, which covered how deep learning could be applied to facial recognition, vein imaging, and EEG signals.

Co-winner Ester Gonzalez Sosa, of Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, was recognized for a PhD thesis entitled “Face and Body Biometrics in the Wild: Visible and Beyond,” which detailed how “soft biometrics” can be used together with facial recognition to boost the accuracy and reliability of face scanning in low-quality images.

Sponsored by IDEMIA and Fingerprints, the European Research and Industry Awards bestow a total of 4,000 euros to the winners, together with a one-year membership in the EAB.

October 3, 2018 – by Alex Perala