1Password Updates Leverages Android 6.0 Fingerprint Scanning

1Password Updates Leverages Android 6.0 Fingerprint ScanningA new update for the 1Password Android app has brought biometric security to the password manager.

In addition to upgrades related to a user interface redesign and a number of bug fixes and tweaks, the 1Password 6 enables login via fingerprint scan on Android Marshmallow devices featuring fingerprint sensors. While there are only a small number of such devices right now, more are in the pipeline, and it’s a feature that many users will be interested in embracing.

1Password isn’t the first password manager app to take advantage of Android 6.0’s native fingerprint scanning capability, with other apps such as Dashlane and Keeper Security also having jumped at the opportunity. It may be possible to trace much of the credit for these innovations back to Apple’s Touch ID system, which helped to pioneer the idea of using fingerprint scanning as a PIN replacement on mobile devices.

The new version of 1Password also enables ‘Team’ accounts, letting users share 1Password access via QR code. This feature is still in beta and it isn’t clear if or how it’s going to work with fingerprint login.

Source: Agile Bits Blog

February 9, 2016 – by Alex Perala