The 14th Annual FindBiometrics Year in Review

The 14th Annual FindBiometrics Year in ReviewThe 14th Annual FindBiometrics Year in Review has come to a close. In December of 2016 we surveyed 160 professionals in biometrics related industries to gauge their views on key identity and authentication topics, and over the past four weeks we released the results accompanied with our highly regarded expert analysis. The result is a snapshot of professional attitudes toward the constantly evolving biometrics landscape as we enter a new year that promises exciting developments in the realms of strong authentication, new generation security, identification, and consumer accessibility.

The 14th Annual FindBiometrics Year in ReviewKey details from the 2016 Year in Review concern highly active areas of application for biometrics. Financial services and consumer applications proved to be of high interest to our survey respondents—these are areas with a great deal of overlap, and can boast some of the most widely accessible uses cases of biometric technology. Border control was also of high interest, which is in line with longstanding forecasts of growth within that global market.

We also observed a shift in attitudes toward favoring multimodal biometric technologies. While fingerprint biometrics have long been the poster-child of our industry, attitudes have been gradually changing as new technologies become more accessible. In 2016, financial services providers in particular championed the importance of choice when it comes to user authentication, and such sentiments echoed throughout other vertical markets including enterprise and the aforementioned border control arena. Of additional interest is the inclusion of relatively new modalities on the high levels of the interest scale, with behavioral biometrics receiving some enthusiasm.

At a glance, the FindBiometrics Year in Review results paint a positive picture of the biometrics industry at large, while also highlighting some of the key challenges moving forward into a future of strong authentication and next generation identity—examining the importance of liveness detection, the role of public perception, and key factors that must be addressed in the effort to eliminate passwords. The biometrics industry is multifaceted, diverse, dynamic, and more exciting than ever before, and as our survey results can support: 2016 was the first time biometrics technology truly felt mainstream.

– The FindBiometrics Editorial Team

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