Zerco Offers Corporate America Biometric Worker ID Solution

Zerco Systems has the Biometric ID solution for Corporate America, with stand-alone system doesn’t require linking to a central computer to verify information and helps companies manage risk in complying with immigrant worker ID regulations. Zerco’s ID cards can contain vast data including finger prints, facial recognition, signature, voice prints, iris scans and other biometric identifiers as well as documents.

Brookfield, OH – Zerco Systems International Inc. announced today that it has the Biometric ID solution for Corporate America. As companies face challenges and remain at risk complying with immigrant worker identification requirements, Zerco said it offers its stand-alone on-site ID management solution, using the latest biometric technology to qualify workers and protect companies from regulatory actions that could lead to shutdowns, lawsuits, penalties and loss of company reputation and brand value.

John A. Niotti-Soltesz, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, said, “Zerco, with its turn-key biometric identifier solution, helps companies manage risk with versatile tamper resistant ID cards for immigrant workers. Regardless of the outcome of immigration reform debate and legislation, we can immediately provide companies with biometric cards for their employees to protect both the company and its workforce.”

Zerco’s ID solution includes tamper resistant, memory-rich optical ID cards and readers to interpret the information embedded in the cards, enabling companies to demonstrate that they are taking all possible steps to qualify immigrant workers as legally in the U.S. Zerco’s ID cards can contain vast data, including finger prints, facial recognition, signature, voice prints, iris scans and other biometric identifiers.

Niotti-Soltesz added, “Shutdowns of plant operations can cost millions in lost production and result in other expenses and penalties, including criminal action. Zerco’s solution is a stand alone on-site system and does not require linking to a central computer system to verify information.”

Niotti-Soltesz continued, “Employers can’t afford to wait for the Government to address the technology protocols. Uncertain political action should no longer be a barrier to action. Zerco has the technology solution to address the dilemma facing employers and we are ready to provide Corporate America with a stand-alone biometric Employee Worker Identity Card solution.”

Among problems companies face in the midst of worker ID matters are, Niotti-Soltesz cited business interruption if employee records or employees are detained or examined; short or long-term closure; civil fines; criminal penalties; discrimination lawsuits; enforcement actions; unfair labor practice lawsuits; loss of federal contracts and goodwill loss through reputation and brand image damage.

Zerco is a developer and integrator of proprietary optical memory card technology and biometric verification-based ID management systems for Corporate America, including workforce ID and healthcare information and for homeland security. Zerco is online at rel="external"

Zerco utilizes the most advanced biometrics technology available with vast optical card memory capacity featuring access protected information based on Zerco’s proprietary algorithms and technology, with instantaneous on-site information using Zerco reader capability for a variety of security and information solutions for business and government.

Zerco was also recently appointed Official Technology Advisor to The Latino Coalition, with initial work focusing on two pilot programs utilizing its proprietary optical card technology in the development of worker identification cards and health cards.

Zerco Systems’ optical card technology has a wide range of important applicability. In Corporate America, Zerco can provide protection to companies and workers. In security, the multi-dimensional and high flexible Zerco Systems software and hardware can be of significant use in monitoring borders and protecting harbors. In healthcare, the vast storage capacity of the Zerco Health-eCard meets the needs of providing a personalized single source medical record for all Americans.

Zerco Systems has many corporate alliances, which have included being a subcontractor of Anteon International Corporation, a General Dynamics company, in connection with the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) initiative to identify persons entering the U.S. along southern borders. In the past, Zerco Systems also has teamed with the Computer Sciences Corporation relating to Department of Homeland Security airport, seaport and border security.

Zerco Systems International, Inc., headquartered in Brookfield, Ohio, is a developer and integrator of optical memory card technology and biometric-based identification and data storage solutions. Information about Zerco is available at its website: www.Zerco.com . The core component of Zerco System’s technology is it’s patented point-of-contact terminal that is fully integrated, secure, multi-technology, multi-functionality, small footprint and scalable. Zerco Systems’ technologies are used for digital governance applications such as immigration, border crossing visa, cargo manifests, multi-biometric identification cards and other digital read/write card applications. The terminal, which operates in a stand-alone environment, is built around optical memory card technology and also reads magnetic stripe and chip-based (SmartCard) technology.

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