Digital Signature / Keystroke Biometrics

macbook-pro-backlit-keyboard2-800x533Sometimes a biometric factor is an observed action rather than a manifested physical trait. These behavioral biometrics are just as unique as your voice, face and fingerprint, so when it comes to protecting against fraud signature and keystroke recognition is indispensable.

The vendors listed below can provide you with keystroke and signature recognition solutions you’re looking for.

Signature Recognition Solution Providers:

Other Vendors

  • Net Com SAS
  • Aditech Infotech
  • AssureSign
  • Communication Intelligence Corporation
  • Daon
  • DynaSig Corporation
  • G2 Data Technologies
  • IDLink Systems Pte Ltd
  • ImageWare System Inc.
  • MaxVision, LLC
  • Merkatum
  • Orion Systems, Inc
  • Pen-One
  • Plurilock Security Solutions Inc.
  • WonderNet, Ltd.