Biometrics Middleware / Software


Middleware / Software for  biometrics applications provides a set of services and instructions for multiple processes to run effectively across a network. Middleware / software allows for biometric devices and the computers and networks they are connected to, to be interoperable and compatible with each other. It allows different application software on different operating systems to be compatible and allows for an effective and working connection.

Having the proper Middleware or software for biometric security devices is essential for the effective functioning of biometric devices as well as a working connection between the biometric device and its PC or server. It is important when shopping for biometrics to pay attention to the middleware or software that is specifically needed with the biometrics to effectively integrate the device into your network.

Naturally, the growth of the biometrics market has produced a greater market for middleware / software for biometrics. There is a wide array of companies making middleware or software for biometric technologies that offer comprehensive solutions for securing identity credentials in an effective and reliable program.

There are many companies around the world which specialize in designing and developing a wide variety of middleware/software programs for each and every biometric device. There is a serious amount of choice for the consumer when it comes to looking for middleware/software to integrate your biometric security device into your network.

Biometric Software Middleware

Middleware / software for biometric technologies is offered for many different needs and for different operating systems. These services are improving quickly and companies are competing to provide users with the best interface, the highest levels of security and reliability and the best quality of performance. Many middleware and software programs integrate seamlessly with applications and platforms, giving the consumer a clear return on his or her investment.

As demand for ever greater security rises, biometrics middleware / software companies must struggle to keep pace. Today many people and companies use multi-modal fusion of biometric technologies, providing unprecedented levels of security and accuracy.

To keep such complex networks running smoothly, sophisticated and dynamic middleware and software technology is needed. Companies must provide fast, scalable, brand-neutral middleware and software programming that can easily incorporate multiple biometrics and the vast amounts of data associated with these technologies.

Middleware / software for biometric technologies should be fully functional for applications like criminal justice, credentialing and financial security. There are different programs available for different needs and different scales of application.

Middleware and software companies that provide integration and interoperability between biometric technologies and existing networks, home, government or otherwise realize the need to protect against their products becoming obsolete quickly. New middleware and software is always being developed and marketed to clients who need to future-proof their security systems.

Middleware and software for biometric technologies is essential for maintaining the highest levels of security, the lowest possible False Acceptance Rates, False Rejection Rates, the most privacy and the best defense against fraud. Because middleware and software is essential for biometrics to function effectively within a network, the quality of the middleware / software is just as important as the quality of the biometric security device.

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Biometrics Software Solution Providers:


secunet is one of Germany’s leading providers of superior IT security. In close dialogue with its customers – enterprises, public authorities and international organisations – secunet develops and implements high-performance products and state-of-the-art IT security solutions. Thus, secunet not only keeps IT infrastructures secure for its customers, but also achieves intelligent process optimisation and creates sustainable added value. Product & Services: Border Control/Airport, Justice/Law Enforcement, Physical Access, Mobile Biometrics, Middleware/Software

Our customers say WCC Smart Search & Match’s flagship product ELISE offers something no other product on the market can – the ability to search through data just as the human mind would. Using such techniques as bi-directional matching, weighted criteria and gliding scales, ELISE delivers ranked, meaningful results. And even better than the human process, ELISE can return those results in under a second – no matter how big the database, or how many! Products & Services: Middleware/Software, Multimodal Biometrics, Smart Cards, Border Control/Airports, Justice/Law Enforcement

Daon is a leading provider of identity assurance and identification and verification software and services worldwide. Our solutions are designed for both enterprise and government, and are currently used to enrol more than 1 million people per day. Mobile Authentication & Cyber Security Identity Management Software Suite Full-Service Identity Management Daon supports customers and system integrators in building enterprise solutions requiring the highest level of security, performance, scalability, reliability and privacy. Our open standards-based software has been selected for use in programs worldwide including Australia, India, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, and the United States. Products & Services: Border Control/Airports, Logical Access Control, Mobile Biometrics, Middleware/Software


Aware provides COTS, standards-based biometrics software for law enforcement, border management, defense, credentialing, and access control. Each product provides granular functionality and is available a la carte:

  • SDKs for fingerprint, face, and iris
  • Enrollment
  • Capture device hardware abstraction
  • Image quality assurance
  • Standard-compliant data formatting and validation
  • BioComponents™ enrollment applets and controls
  • URC™ .NET biometric enrollment application
  • WebEnroll™ browser-based biometric enrollment
  • Biometric Services Platform (BioSP™)
  • Nexa™ fingerprint, face, and iris search and match SDKs
  • INQUIRE™ identity data analytics SDK

Products & services: Fingerprint Readers, Middleware / Software, Justice / Law Enforcement, Facial Recognition


MorphoTrak, recently named Biometrics Company of the Year by Frost & Sullivan, provides biometric and identity management solutions to a broad array of markets in the U.S. including law enforcement, border control, driver licenses, civil identification, and facility/IT security. L-1 has been acquired by Morpho, and is now part of Morpho, Safran’s security division. Reporting to Morpho, MorphoTrak is part of the world’s largest biometric company and leading innovator in large fingerprint identification systems, facial and iris recognition, as well as secure credentials. For more information, visit   Products & services: Biometric Sensors and Detectors, Facial Recognition, Fingerprint Readers, Iris Scanners & Recognition, Smart Cards, Border Control / Airports, Consumer / Residential Biometrics, Justice / Law Enforcement, Logical Access Control, Mobile Biometrics, Other Uses of Biometrics, Physical Access Control, Time and Attendance, Hand Readers & Finger Scanners, Middleware/Software, Vein Recognition. 


Smart Sensors continues to innovate in technology for iris biometrics feature extraction, key creation and matching. We work closely with our customers to build iris recognition engines, both through collaborative development and by supplying development tools for various product, camera and processor platforms. Let us help you realise the benefits of highly competitive solutions.  Products & Services: Iris Scanners & Recognition, Financial and Transactional, HealthCare Biometrics, Mobile Biometrics


Crossmatch Technologies is a leading global provider of biometric identity management systems, applications and enabling technologies to governments, law enforcement agencies and businesses around the world. Offerings include biometric technologies capable of wireless, mobile or stationary use that encompass fingerprint, palm and full-hand scanners, facial recognition systems, iris scanning technology, document readers, biometric software, and related services. Products & Services: Border Control, Facial Recognition, Financial/Transactional, Fingerprint Readers, Hand Readers, Healthcare, Iris Scanners, Justice/Law Enforcement, Middleware Software, Mobile Biometrics, Other.


ZKTeco is a leading global developer and manufacturer of security and time management solutions headquartered in Shenzhen. It is subdivided into 5 business segment/divisions–ZKSoftware, ZKAccess, ZKiVision, ZKBiolock and ZKAFIS. Its products range from Multi-biometric and RFTD identification Time & Attendance solutions to Access Control solutions like IP-based standalone access control, networked access control panel, readers, and tripod turnstile, from IP Cameras and total surveillance solutions to consumer products, such as intelligent biometric lock, RFID hotel lock. ZKAFIS is engaging in providing economic and reliable AFIS solutions. Products and Services: Biometric Sensors and Detectors, Fingerprint Readers, Facial Recognition, Middleware / Software, Consumer / Residential Biometrics, Fingerprint and Biometric Locks, Logical Access Control, Mobile Biometrics , Other Uses of Biometrics, Physical Access Control, Time and Attendance.

Other Vendors

  • AFIS and Biometrics Consulting Inc.
  • M2SYS Technology
  • CoreTex Systems, LLC
  • ACTAtek Pte Ltd.
  • Animetrics
  • APIS Ltd.
  • Control iD
  • Daon
  • Data Systems Analysts, Inc. (DSA)
  • EninovSystems Pvt Ltd.
  • Ganetec Global Solutions
  • iCognize GmbH
  • iD1
  • Intuate biometrics
  • it-werke
  • LaCie
  • Lenvica Computer Solutions Pvt Ltd
  • Massively Parallel Technologies, Inc.
  • MaxVision, LLC
  • Merkatum
  • Midnight Technologies Pty Ltd
  • Mitrefinch Employee Management Solutions
  • myBiometrix
  • Neokoros Brasil Ltda
  • OSS Nokalva
  • Precise Biometrics
  • SBA Technologies, Inc.
  • Secunet
  • SecurLinx
  • SOHO-iT Inc.
  • Spectra Technovision (India) Pvt. Ltd.
  • Sybernautix
  • Sybernautix Solutions Ltd
  • Tensor PLC
  • Triad Biometrics