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Thursday, September 27, 2012  
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Interview with Young Soo Moon, Executive Director-CMO, Suprema Inc.

fB: You just recently announced the world’s fastest face recognition access control terminal. Can you please elaborate on this for us?

S: FaceStation is a biometric access control terminal which identifies individuals from their faces. Conventional face recognition products didn’t perform well under changes of lighting conditions and pose variations. FaceStation overcomes such weak points with advanced algorithm and its patented adaptive IR illumination technology. This breakthrough technology in FaceStation enables face recognition robust to various lighting conditions while achieving incredible matching speed of 1 over 1,000 matches under 1 second. FaceStation also features live face detection technology by analyzing eye context from extracted face images which distinguishes actual human face from fake images. Furthermore, FaceStation provides contactless, hands-free biometric authentication which allows more convenient and hygiene method than other authentication technology. FaceStation introduces entirely new ways of human interactions. It features ideally angled front face to maximize its coverage on users' height, and offers wide touch screen LCD to deliver clear images and messages. The device provides…

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AOptix and Certis CISCO Form Partnership to Support Identity Verification for Singapore Customers

AOptix (, a technology innovation company applying optics to transform identity verification and wireless communications, today announced that Certis CISCO (A member of the Certis Group), a leading provider of protective security in Singapore, has become an AOptix SI/VAR partner. AOptix and Certis CISCO will work hand in hand to offer AOptix's iris recognition and face capture systems to customers using biometrics for identity verification in aviation security and other applications.

The Certis Group is the most comprehensive security solutions provider in Singapore, with established regional footprints including China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and the United Arab Emirates.

AOptix iris recognition solutions already process tens of thousands of biometric transactions per day. Applications include aviation security at Gatwick Airport in London and other major airports, and immigration control such as all the air, land and sea border crossings in Qatar. AOptix has earned a respected reputation by transforming the biometrics industry with leading edge products that are fast, accurate, easy to use and provide a positive user experience.


Suprema FaceStation Wins Detektor International Award 2012

Suprema Inc., a leading provider of biometric technology, announced today that it has won Innovative Achievement Award in Detektor International Award 2012 with FaceStation, the world’s fastest face recognition access control terminal.

The awards ceremony was held in conjunction with the SKYDD 2012 in Stockholm, Sweden on the 19th of September and total of twelve products has been awarded from Access Control, Alarm & Detection and CCTV categories.

The Innovative Achievement in the Access Control category went to Suprema for its innovative face recognition access control terminal, FaceStation. FaceStation is an IP based biometric access control terminal featuring facial recognition technology which identifies individuals from their facial image features. Conventional face recognition technology contains inherent weak points brought by lighting intensity and pose variation. FaceStation's face recognition technology overcomes such weak points with advanced algorithm and its patented adaptive IR illumination technology. This breakthrough technology in FaceStation enables face image extraction process robust to various lighting conditions while achieving incredible matching speed (1:1,000<1second) which far outpaces all other face recognition devices in the market.


Daon Led Team to Provide Digital Identity Solution for United States Cyber Security Initiative

Daon, a leading provider of identity management and authentication solutions worldwide, has been selected to jumpstart the "Identity Ecosystem" envisioned by the United States National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace (NSTIC) initiative. The Daon Team crosses five different sectors and has existing relationships with more than 200 million adults in the United States.

The NSTIC project focuses on improving the privacy, security, and convenience of sensitive online transactions, a critical need given today's digital lifestyle. Under a cooperative agreement with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), the Daon-helmed team will implement multiple NSTIC pilot projects enabling subscribers to securely conduct online transactions.

In parallel with the NSTIC Identity Ecosystem pilots, Purdue University will conduct research into privacy, security, performance, usability, accessibility, and user acceptance aspects of Daon's real-world implementation of the system, including the use of privacy-enhancing technologies to better manage users' disclosure of information while still providing identity assurance. The Daon Team will share results with the NSTIC Program Office and the NSTIC Steering Group to help inform the evolving Identity Ecosystem based on actual usage of this unique cyber security solution.


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