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Thursday, December 20, 2012  
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MorphoTrust General Counsel to Discuss Legal, Commercial Implications of Facial Recognition Technologies at CES

Scott Boylan, general counsel of MorphoTrust USA (Safran group), will speak on the legal, commercial and societal implications of facial recognition technologies on January 9 at the 2013 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. MorphoTrust is the leading U.S. provider of identity solutions to federal, state and local governments.

Facial recognition technologies are increasingly showing up in applications of all sorts. Whether used to secure hardware, enhance video games or establish a closer relationship with the consumer, the capabilities and implications of the technology are not always well understood. Boylan’s deep understanding of commercial, privacy and surveillance law makes him an expert who separates fact from fantasy.

“Facial recognition is a powerful tool. It holds great promise for security as well as protecting the privacy of millions,” Boylan said. “At the same time, there are concerns that this technology could be misused. While MorphoTrust’s place is not in those policy debates, we can help inform the conversation. Whatever the opinions are, they should be decided with facts, not rumor or emotion.”

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Cross Match Technologies Releases Mobile Essentials SDK for Smartphone Platforms

Cross Match Technologies, Inc., a leading global provider of biometric identity management solutions, announced today the release of two new versions of its Mobile Essentials SDK that integrates its Verifier Mw wireless handheld fingerprint scanner with Android and Blackberry cellular smartphones. Both versions enable capture and identification applications that operate over 3G networks.

The Company’s popular Verifier line of fingerprint scanners includes the Verifier Mw which is ideally suited for mobile Rapid ID implementations. Up to now Mobile Essentials has enabled the use of the Verifier Mw on Windows platforms; making Rapid ID possible for patrol car laptops. The new versions of the SDK provide agencies utilizing cellular phone-based Rapid ID and field identification applications the ability to leverage the Verifier Mw’s unique capabilities.

Designed for single-handed use by an officer, the ruggedized Verifier Mw is the first FBI certified FAP 30 mobile fingerprint scanner on the market. And because the Verifier Mw is Bluetooth-enabled, it works with all current versions of Android and Blackberry smartphones, unlike sled-based scanners that are limited to a single phone model and often have less than ideal ergonomics.

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VoiceVault Delivers New Levels of Fraud Protection with a Replaceable Voice Biometric Enrollment Model

VoiceVault announces the latest enhancement to their voice biometric identity verification platform with a replaceable voice biometric capability that provides higher levels of protection against fraudulent attacks on user identity.

With the new replaceable voice biometric capability, VoiceVault is able to provide unparalleled protection against fraudster attacks on biometric voice models and consequently their biometric identity. By extending VoiceVault’s challenge response mode of operation to encompass all digits 0 through 9, an enrollment model that has been compromised, for example through the fraudulent use of recordings, can simply be replaced with one that uses a different set of digits.

This enhancement is significant in that it further sets apart the use of voice as a biometric for identity verification from modalities such as fingerprint, iris and face. Once these modalities are compromised, there is no possibility for a user to re-enroll. As a result, voice biometrics becomes an even stronger part of the multifactor authentication solution to increasing levels of fraudster activity in markets such as financial services and healthcare.

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