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Friday, September 21, 2012  
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findBIOMETRICS interviews Antonio Mugica, Smartmatic’s CEO

In October we’ll be deploying large scale critical mission projects in Belgium, Venezuela and Brazil. That month alone, we will assist approximately 170,000,000 registered voters to decide their future representatives. We feel honored that those three nations decided to rely on Smartmatic’s electoral technology, services, and know-how to upgrade the transparency, accuracy and efficiency of their 2012 elections.

During this year, we have also kept innovating. 2012 has seen the final release of two new lines of products in the identity and electoral markets our new Remote Session Activator for biometric voter authentication and the SAES-3370 series voting kit for Belgium.

As a consequence of our outstanding services, we extended our presence in more than 30 countries in four continents. Simultaneously, we increased our market share and maintained an organic growing path. This has…

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Cross Match Launches Next Generation Guardian Scanners - State-of-the-art Technology Will Revolutionize Capture of Fingerprints

Cross Match Technologies, Inc., a global provider of biometric identity solutions, launches its next generation Guardian® scanners at the Biometrics Consortium Conference this week. With a revolutionary new user interface, enhanced optical design, and more flexible capture modes, the new Guardian and Guardian IP deliver a completely self-guided ten-print fingerprint capture process that represents a new level of adaptability to real world use.

“The next generation Guardian scanners enable users to easily and swiftly move through a self-guided print capture process without the need to dry or moisten fingers to obtain high quality images – a capability and performance no one else has in one device today.” said David Buckley, CEO of Cross Match. “The next generation Guardian and Guardian IP represent a new era of flexibility and ease of use for the secure and accurate capture of biometric data.”

Both scanners incorporate FlexFlat™ and FlexRoll™ capture modes, providing a more user-friendly way to capture both flat and rolled fingers anywhere on the platen. In addition, a new optical design allows for high quality image capture regardless of whether a subject’s hands are wet or dry. The Guardian’s new intelligent user interface and screen intuitively prompt a user through all necessary steps by indicating finger sequence, placement, and pressure; ensuring the rapid and accurate capture of high quality records every time.


Morpho and Michigan State University Launch Breakthrough Biometric Tattoo Recognition Research Project

Morpho (Safran group) announced the launch of a new project with Michigan State University (MSU) to advance research on biometric tattoo recognition technology. The project seeks to further enhance the capabilities of the tattoo matching software licensed to Morpho in 2009 by the university’s Pattern Recognition and Image Processing (PRIP) Laboratory.

Merging the cutting-edge software acquired from Professor Anil K. Jain’s laboratory at MSU with Morpho core knowledge and enhancements, Morpho was able to produce a state-of-the-art tattoo matching solution. The solution uses features such as tattoo color, shape and texture to assist in automatic identification of individuals by matching a query tattoo against large collections of tattoo images stored in police databases.

Morpho expects that this new project will lead to the development of advanced tattoo identification and analysis techniques for criminal investigations.

"The fusion of the technology we licensed from MSU and Morpho’s core matching capabilities provides our law enforcement customers with an innovative tool to combat crime at both federal and state levels," stated Daniel Vassy, president and CEO of MorphoTrak, a U.S. subsidiary of Morpho."With this new venture, we intend to take tattoo recognition to a new level, beyond person identification, thereby enabling police forces to use this technology to gather intelligence for complex investigations.”


NEC Facial Recognition and Automated Latent Print Matching Comes to Cross Match Technologies SEEK® Multimodal Biometric Handheld

NEC Corporation of America (NEC), a leading provider and integrator of advanced communication, biometrics and IT solutions, and Cross Match Technologies, Inc. (Cross Match), a global provider of innovative biometric identity solutions, today announced that they will be demonstrating NEC's facial and forensic latent print matching technologies on the SEEK, Cross Match's leading multimodal biometric handheld device.

"NEC's NIST-leading facial recognition and automated latent print matching technologies, as integrated into the Cross Match SEEK mobile handheld device, provides local matching of both photo and latent prints against an onboard watch list, enabling timely and efficient access to critical information,"? said Glenn Hickok, senior vice president of sales for Cross Match.

NEC Neoface facial recognition technology and NEC's latent print matching technology use the SEEK camera to acquire the image and perform searches on the device against local databases or watch lists. These technologies enable the user to perform rapid, on-the-spot identifications prior to submitting the biometrics to remote databases for search.


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