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Friday, October 26, 2012  
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Interview with Troy Potter, Vice President of Identity Solutions, Federal Systems at Unisys

fB: Can you please review the latest findings of your Unisys Security Index regarding biometrics? I know that across the industry it is a well-regarded resource. Can you give us an update on what you are finding there now?

U: I think the key element to that is the public perception is improving with more acceptability to biometrics. People historically have associated fingerprints with criminality or law enforcement purposes only. I think what our index has shown is more acceptability in the public for the use of biometrics as they see there are clear benefits for either improved services or enhanced security. And coupled with increased privacy protection that may be in place, we’re seeing more acceptance overall.

fB: Does convenience fit into the equation at all there?

U: I think it absolutely does. If biometrics are seen as a more convenient method to authenticate yourself than the typical means like user name and password, then certainly I think the public will respond very positively. In the US convenience is sometimes a bigger driver than the security side, especially…

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Avalon Biometrics and TazTag Partnership Announcement

Avalon Biometrics SL & TazTag are proud to announce their partnership to promote their products and solutions, namely the TazPad and ID2GO together for the private & public security markets related to identity management systems.

Avalon Biometrics SL provides its ID2GO platform as the world’s first identity management & NFC document checking platform on Android. ID2GO features demographic and biometrics data capture for face, finger & signature with inherited quality assurance according to international standards and recommendations. It features default an ANSI NIST ITL 2007 compliant file format output, as well as document reading capabilities with certificate handling and web service communication interfaces.

Taz Tag is the creator and manufacturer of the TazPad, the 1st worldwide Android based tablet offering FBI certified fingerprint reader, 5MP camera, NFC reading capability for contactless travel & ID documents.

Both solution synergize to an advanced ultra-mobile ID Management and document verification solution and provide outsanding Price/ Value to make an impact in the mobile solutions market.


Cross Match Technologies Undoubtedly Offers the Highest Value to Customers in the North American Biometrics Market, Says Frost & Sullivan

Based on its recent analysis of the biometrics market, Frost & Sullivan recognizes Cross Match Technologies with the 2012 North American Frost & Sullivan Award for Customer Value Enhancement. There is a growing need for biometric tools for civil, defense, and local law enforcement, and Cross Match addresses these needs with ease. The company offers exceptional customer service, superior product quality, and vast industry expertise, ultimately delivering unrivaled value for the markets it serves.

Cross Match's offerings include a wide range of biometric solutions employed to capture and process the unique physiological characteristics of individuals to verify their identities. With more than 5,000 customers worldwide and over 250,000 products deployed in more than 80 countries, the company has established a strong global presence and impressive brand recognition.

"Cross Match's unique technological depth and expertise has enabled it to deliver advanced biometric solutions for the most challenging technological and security issues in law enforcement, border control, military, and homeland security in North America," noted Frost & Sullivan Research Analyst Raman Monga. "The company clearly differentiates itself through focus on high-end forensic quality, certified products, best-in-class customer service, and product innovation."


FPC Awarded Japanese Mobile Phone Design Win for Estimated One Million Units Scheduled for Launch in Q2 2013

Fingerprint Cards has received the first Design Win (DW) for its swipe sensor technology from one of Japan’s most prominent mobile phone manufacturers. The initial volume is estimated at one million mobile phones and the launch is scheduled for the second quarter of 2013. Due to the prevailing competitive situation, the mobile phone manufacturer wants to remain anonymous for the time being.

Johan Carlström, President and Chief Executive Officer of FPC, comments:

“We are proud and delighted to announce our first DW for mobile phones. Due to FPC’s world-leading capacitive fingerprint technology, image quality, power consumption, software know-how and support, we believe that we have taken the position as the leading alternative for fingerprint sensors in mobile phones. Feedback from several leading Japanese mobile phone manufacturers and from a number of other ongoing negotiations demonstrates that FPC is at the very cutting edge. We are working extremely hard to build upon this foundation and to expand our leading position in the market for mobile phones. We expect a number of additional DW during the months ahead.”


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