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Friday, October 12, 2012  
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Interview with Cédric Hozanne, CEO and André Delaforge, Marketing Manager, Natural Security

altNatural Security was launched in 2006 in Lille in the north of France. It is a project based on the business requirements from large retailers and banks to improve existing authentication methods for payment and non-payment transactions. The initial business requirement from retailers was to speed up the execution of payments at the checkout. Whilst banks needed a way to authenticate their customers when completing a secure transaction such as home banking. In addition, the transaction execution needed to be simple, highly secure and provide a unique user experience whatever the situation and the personal device form factor used.

fB: Can you describe your product for us please?

NS: Natural Security positions its technology as a "de facto" standard for end-user authentication. The transaction execution is very simple: you just put your finger on a biometric reader connected to a POS an ATM or a PC and your biometric is securely sent to your personal device. This will verify your biometric data and confirm that you are the person you claim to be. The transaction is executed over a contactless interface so that you don't need to handle the device during the process.

fB: So you don’t have to pull something out of your pocket to execute the transaction?

NS: Exactly. You don’t need to handle the personal device at all. You just need to carry it in your pocket or bag.

fB: Is the biometric data for the fingerprint stored on the personal device?

NS: Yes, our technology requires that biometric data be stored on…

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Morpho to Supply New PARAFE E-gates for Paris-charles De Gaulle Airport

Morpho (Safran group) has bolstered its collaboration with Aéroports de Paris (ADP), the Paris airports authority, within the scope of the Single Filtering Inspection program between Terminals E and F, by supplying six additional PARAFE automated border control e-gates to Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport. Including this latest order, ADP will now have a total of 33 PARAFE e-gates to provide automated border control for airline passengers.

First installed in 2009, the PARAFE system enables ADP to improve the passenger experience by reducing waiting time, while strengthening the capabilities of border police. PARAFE perfectly illustrates the modernization drive by airport stakeholders, and extends the range of services offered to passengers.

A new feature introduced in 2012 allows French citizens holding biometric passports to use PARAFE e-gates without pre-registration, a development that should further increase the use of these e-gates. There have been more than one million passenger crossings through these gates since the launch of PARAFE in 2009, and the system adds more than 80,000 a month.


IrisGuard Announces EyeSign Iris Scanner for Internet Banking and Online Shopping

IrisGuard announced the release of its latest iris recognition imager - the EyeSign® - at the annual GrowthGate Capital Corporation luncheon in Dubai. The EyeSign® camera is tightly integrated into the award winning EyeBank® solution for traditional banking channels such as Teller and ATM services, in addition to the pioneering internet banking and online shopping functionality. Over the next six months, the EyeBank® device will be deployed at all banks running the IrisGuard EyeBank® solution, in the region and beyond.

Over 77% of our bank customers have indicated they will adopt the affordable EyeSign® unit for online services, particularly at internet online stores, government and online banking applications. This represents over half a million bank customers in the immediate future. In banking services, iris recognition is the most advanced consumer authentication technology providing fast, reliable and trusted identity services. The end-to-end identity solution reduces fraud and increases efficiency by eliminating the need for traditional online User IDs and passwords. (IPSOS -Market Research - 2011)

Early beta users found it so much easier and secure to conduct their online banking transactions with the EyeSign® - paying bills, transferring money and checking balances. Knowing they can bank and shop online, without remembering multiple cryptic User Ids and Passwords, is a wonderful relief. They are now certain that their accounts can no longer be compromised. The overall appreciation from the beta community was that the EyeSign® advanced technology could not have come at a better time.


MorphoTrust CTO Dr. Mohamed Lazzouni Joins Center for Identity Board of Advisors at UT-Austin

MorphoTrust USA (Safran group) Chief Technology Officer, Dr. Mohamed Lazzouni, has been named to the Board of Advisors for the Center for Identity at the University of Texas (UT) at Austin. Dr. Lazzouni joins board members from IBM, LexisNexis, VISA, the U.S. Secret Service, the FBI and others from industry, government and academia.

Established in 2010, the Center for Identity at UT-Austin is a national leader in research, education and outreach on identity issues that have become critical to so many aspects of contemporary life. Leveraging the resources of UT-Austin as well as those of its public and private sector members, the Center forecasts threats and delivers solutions that define and protect identity in physical and cyber environments. Its mission is to deliver the highest-quality, most-recognized identity management discoveries, applications, education and outreach available to ensure that the nation's industrial, government and academic institutions can aggressively manage and overcome current and emerging identity management threats.

Lazzouni is a strategist and technology leader for MorphoTrust, the leading provider of identity solutions in the U.S. He has been personally engaged in almost every advancement in biometrics over the past two decades, and has expertise in a wide variety of technologies including facial, iris, and fingerprint recognition. Dr. Lazzouni is an architect of identity systems in use by U.S. government agencies and many state motor vehicle agencies today.


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