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Industry News

Latest Biometrics news

The FIDO Alliance Announces Password Killing CES 2015 Presence

Passwords and PINs

After officially releasing its final 1.0 draft specifications for strong online authentication last week, the FIDO Alliance, a consortium dedicated to replacing passwords with next generation security – has announced a substantial lineup to be showcased at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this January.Support for FIDO has grown rapidly and immensely over its two year existence and now we have reached a point from which everyday end-users can choose post-password security to protect their accounts and transactions. This is especially true now that Google’s Chrome browser supports the FIDO standards, allowing users to log in to Google accounts …

Precise Biometrics’ Focus on Mobile Fingerprints Pays Off with Government Order

Fingerprint Biometrics

The US government has ordered a whole bunch of Tactivo readers for its employees, allowing them to use their security cards to access sensitive information through their mobile devices. The order was placed by the US Department of Defense’s Defense Logistics Agency (DLA), through the company’s partner, TX Systems, and was for 1100 Tactivo readers at a value of about one million Swedish krona.The Tactivo readers employ multi-factor authentication by combining the scanning of smart cards with the security measures enabled by the mobile devices to which they attach. In the case of an Apple iPhone, for example, the card …

India’s Aadhaar Program Sees Over 100 Million Linked to Bank Accounts

Biometrics in Finance

India’s biometric identity card program continues to roll out as the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) asserts that 100 million of the unique identities have been linked to official bank accounts, according to an article in The Economic Times. The UIDAI suggested that the 100-million-mark represents ‘a major milestone’.The ambitious program, which uses a biometric registry of citizens connected to their Aadhaar identity cards and is part of the ongoing Digital India initiative, not only aims to enhance border security, but also to improve the administration of government services and to cut down on graft. To the latter ends, the program seems to …

Acuity Market Intelligence Touts Growth of ABC and APC

Biometric Border Control

Automated Border Control (ABC) is now coming into “a new phase of market maturity,” according to an industry expert. Maxine Most, lead analyst at Acuity Market Intelligence, describes an industry experiencing massive growth, with the upward trends reported in Acuity’s most recent publications “ABC eGate Deployment List” and “APC Kiosk Deployment List“.Most has been touting the growth potential of ABC systems and Automated Passport Control (APC) mechanisms over the past year, and she now brings us some fresh numbers to demonstrate the trends: worldwide, there are now over 1600 eGates, with full-scale deployments in Germany and even the UK, where such technology was previously …

HID Global Named One of China’s Top 10 Brands for Access Control

Biometric Access Control

Austin-based identity solutions provider HID Global has been named one of China’s Top 10 Access Control Brands for 2014. The distinction is given by A&S China, one of the country’s major security publications, and this is the eleventh year in a row that HID Global has been named to the list.HID Global won the distinction thanks to its iCLASS SE platform, which uses the company’s Seos technology to use a multiple authentication methods – including biometrics – for identity management purposes across a range of devices. The technology also has the capability of turning any smart device featuring wireless functionality into …

British Biometrics Commissioner Complains of Legal Hurdles for Police

Law Enforcement Biometrics

The UK’s biometrics commissioner has issued his first annual report, and it raises some concerns about how the state handles biometric information relating to criminals, according to an article by Alan Travis in The Guardian. The commissioner, Alastair MacGregor, suggests that legal restrictions on the police’s ability to keep biometric data on foreign nationals prohibit them from effective policing.In 2012, a law was passed in the UK to protect British citizens’ biometric data. Called the Protection of Freedoms Act, it ensured that police would destroy the biometric records of individuals who had been arrested but not charged. Unfortunately, this legislation also …

Various Products to Demonstrate Valencell Tech at CES 2015

Wearable Vital Biometrics Offer Passive And Persistent Authentication

A biometric technology developer specializing in athletic and fitness metrics has announced a string of prominent licensing applications, which will be on display at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show. Valencell’s technology has found its way into products from Scosche, Atlas, Jabra, and Intel.The range of applications the company’s PerformTek technology has found is pretty impressive: Jabra, LG, and SMS Audio have all incorporated it into their earbuds; iriver has used it in a cardia monitoring headset, and ATLAS has used it in its new Wristband.Speaking on this topic in a press release, Valencell president Dr. Steven LeBoeuf emphasized the accuracy and …

California State Students Champion Multimodal Biometrics with Security System Development

Multifactor Biometrics

A team of undergrads at Cal State Fullerton is working on what could be the next big mobile authentication system, writes Jamie Corpuz in the University’s paper, the Daily Titan. The undergraduate researchers, led professors Mikhail Gofman and Sinjini Mitra, is developing a multimodal system that they presented on recently at the CSUF Southern California Conference for Undergraduate Research.The general aim of the team is to create a more reliable mobile security system using multimodal biometric authentication. More specifically, the group is working on a system that uses short audiovisual recordings to employ facial and speech recognition methods for authentication. So far the …

Invisible Biometrics: Personal Cameras’ Footage Can Reveal Users’ Identities, Say Researchers


Researchers have determined that individuals can be identified by the footage from their personal mounted cameras, according to an article by James Vincent for The Verge. The Hebrew University of Jerusalem researchers, Yedid Hoshen and Professor Shmuel Peleg, say that person’s movement is characteristic and unique enough that its effects on the footage from a head- or body-mounted camera is distinguishable and can be used for identification purposes.In a paper on their study, entitled Egocentric Video Biometrics, the researchers note that they could identify volunteers from only four seconds of video footage, by tracking objects’ “optical flow” through the frame of …

WVU Biometric App Startup Raises Over $1M in Angel Investment

Facial biometrics

A biometric security start-up based out of West Virginia University has secured $1.25 million in angel investment. The company, called Confirmix, has been developing a new tool that will use facial recognition to unlock users’ mobile devices.The project started in WVU’s Multispectral Imaging Lab, whose director, Thirimachos Bourlai, assigned a few students the task of creating a prototype for the app, which they completed within its one-week deadline; they called it SecureSelfie. From there, the project snowballed into the growing business it is now, which is set to open a sales office in the Chicago-metropolitan area.There have been rising security concerns …