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Industry News

Latest Biometrics news

iWallet Technology Can Also Do Passports

Biometric Commerce

iWallet Corporation has announced that it will be showcasing its products at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show (CES). The expo will take place in Las Vegas on January 6 though 9, and iWallet will be in the Personal Privacy and Cyber Security Marketplace section.Known for its digitally-enhanced wallets, which offer biometric locking technology, RFID-blocking, and Bluetooth tethering, the company will be introducing its new iPassport, which is pretty much the same thing, but for passports. CES is a big event, attracting big names from throughout the consumer electronics industry, so it will be a good opportunity for the company to familiarize …

FPC and Precise Biometrics Tech Featured on New Oppo Smartphone

Mobile Biometrics

The two newest smartphones from Chinese manufacturer Oppo Electronics, announced today, hit a couple of major mobility milestones. First, measuring in with a width of 4.85 mm, the Oppo R5 holds the distinction of being the thinnest smartphone in the world. Second, the Oppo N3 is the first smartphone to launch with the FPC1021 capacitive touch sensor.Released in April of this year by Fingerprint Cards AB (FPC), the FPC1021 was designed to meet the size constraints of next generation mobile devices. Having found its way onto a space efficient phone, the FPC1021 has truly validated itself.Thanks to a previous licensing agreement between FPC and …

Honeywell Defends Biometric Health Monitoring in Face of Lawsuit

Wearable Vital Biometrics Offer Passive And Persistent Authentication

Honeywell International, Inc. has issued a response to a lawsuit filed against the company over its biometric healthcare screening program for employees, calling the lawsuit “frivolous” and the government body charging it “woefully out of step with the healthcare marketplace” and federal health legislation.Honeywell launched the biometric screening program as part of an initiative to improve employee health, thereby lowering costs in insurance claims. The company’s blood and medical tests effectively screen employees for health risks, allowing the company to create incentives to nudge them towards healthier lifestyles. The thing is, the company is using both carrots and sticks, penalizing …

Pakistan Province Looks Into Biometrics for Polling

Virtual Acceptance

A provincial government in Pakistan wants to introduce a biometric identification system into its electoral polling, and the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has been looking into the possibility, writes Inamullah Khattak in Pakistan’s The Nation. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province inquired with the electoral regulator to see if it could be done in time for a November 15th election, but the ECP has already concluded that installing such a system would take at least six months. Explaining the difficulties of implementing such a system, one ECP official raised concerns about process, noting that the biometric devices might “fail to identify the …

Forza Silicon Unveils Super-Adaptable Image Sensor

Multifactor Biometrics

Video tech developer Forza Silicon has announced a new image sensor offering a great degree of customization. Forza says it’s the world’s first image sensor offering total reconfiguration and programmability in a single chip.The company is pushing the technology’s applications in the Internet of Things, given its high degree of customizability and adaptability. It can be programmed to offer camera functionality even when it’s not supporting by existing microprocessors, it’s compatible with wi-fi, ethernet, and Bluetooth, and a variety of hardware platforms. Moreover, its image processing allows the performance of a variety of biometric functions, including motion detection and facial …

Biometrics and Mobility To Bolster NYPD Presence

Law Enforcement Biometrics

The common industry knowledge is that mobile biometrics can bring efficiency to law enforcement operations. If a suspect can be identified in the field, an officer of the law need not waste precious time dragging a possibly innocent citizen back to the police station.It looks like the New York Police Department agrees with this assessment, as recent statements made by Mayor Bill de Blasio will have us seeing fingerprint scanners in the hands of every one of the NYPDs 35,000 officers.The fingerprint scanners will be included on each officer’s department issued smartphone, which will also be used as a time tracking and …

Spanish Audiences Will Pay for Laughing at Comedians

Comedy clubs in Spain are starting to install facial recognition systems so that they can charge audience members by the laugh, according to the BBC’s Jane Wakefield.It started as a response to tax increases on theater tickets, which depressed attendance. The Teatreneu club decided to team up with ad agency The Cyranos McCann to come up with the biometric system, and they soon were installing face-scanning tablets on the backs of the club’s seats. The tablets use software that recognizes when audience members are smiling and laughing, and the club charges 0.30 euros per laugh, capping the surcharge at 24 …

Integrated Biometrics to Showcase Military-Grade Mobile Fingerprint Sensor Tech

Fingerprint Biometrics

Fingerprint-scanner developer Integrated Biometrics will be showcasing its technology at two major conference events this month. The company will be at London, England’s Biometrics 2014 conference, and the Annual IACP Conference and Exposition taking place in Orlando, Florida.As we’ve noted a lot here lately, the biometrics business is booming, and with fingerprint sensors increasingly finding their way onto both high- and low-end mobile phones and mobile commerce rapidly expanding with platforms like Apple Pay, it’s a good time for a company like Integrated Biometrics to show off its wares at a big industry show like Biometrics 2014.The IACP could be the …

Biometrics and Internet of Things To Be Topics At Samsung Developer Conference

Internet of Things, M2M, Biometrics

Samsung Electronics has announced the keynote speakers for its upcoming Samsung Developer Conference, to be held in San Francisco on November 11 – 13. The speakers will be discussing a range of topics with biometric applications, ranging from digital healthcare to the Internet of Things.Young Sohn, Samsung’s President and Chief Strategy Officer, will be discussing digital healthcare technology, an exciting field in which numerous companies are starting to use the biometric sensors embedded in mobile and wearable devices to track users’ health stats – even Apple has gotten into this game with its new iPhones’ HealthKit app. Meanwhile, Eric Anderson, a product-development executive …

Two US Pharmacies Drop Apple’s Biometric Payments

Apple Pay 1

Two major US pharmacies have dropped Apple Pay in the last week, according to an article by Paul Ausick in USA Today. Rite Aid Inc. stopped accepting payments from the mobile commerce platform last Thursday, and CVS Health made the same move on Saturday.Both pharmacies have opted instead for a mobile commerce system called CurrentC, developed by Merchant Consumer Exchange (MCX). Unlike Apple Pay, the CurrentC system doesn’t require NFC (Near Field Communication) readers at retailers’ POS; instead, it requires consumers to use their mobile devices to scan codes printed on the merchants’ receipts. Because it doesn’t require merchants to install …