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Industry News

Latest Biometrics news

Shrinking Technology Spurs Growing Fingerprint Biometrics Market

Fingerprint Biometrics

The market researchers over at Research and Markets have issued a new report looking specifically at the fingerprint sensors biometrics market. Entitled “Fingerprint Sensors Market by Type, Material, Application, and Geography – Global Trends & Forecasts to 2014 – 2020″, the report finds the fingerprint sensors industry undergoing massive growth, projecting a valuation $14.35 billion by 2020.There’s been a lot of press lately about the application of fingerprint sensors in the realm of smartphones, but the report indicates that, surprisingly, right now it’s actually in laptops that the technology has the greatest market size. Still, the technology’s application in smartphones …

Biometrics Security Proposal Raises Eyebrows in Australia

Government Adoption Named Key Driver in Latin American Biometrics Market

The Australian government is mulling large-scale integration of biometrics into its security apparatus amid growing skepticism and unease about such an idea, writes the Sydney Morning Herald’s David Wroe.The idea is to have Australia’s Immigration Department build a database of images of all Australian citizens that can be used in concert with facial recognition devices installed at automated passport gates throughout the country. It’s a counterterrorism measure, part of a new draft of legislation called the “foreign fighters” bill, which is currently being scrutinized by a parliamentary joint committee. The legislation could pave the way for further biometric security measures …

ADCB Customers Will be Thunderstruck by New Voice Biometrics Security

finger with green phone keypad

A major bank in the United Arab Emirates has announced plans to introduce voice biometrics security for its phone banking services. Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (ADCB) has partnered with Nuance Communications Inc. to implement the system. It’s a move that could be part of a trend. Recently, South African ICT company ATIO made a similar arrangement with voice biometrics provider OneVault, asking for a voice recognition security system of its own to replace its traditional knowledge-based authentication system, in which customers calling in are asked predetermined questions to which only they should know the answers – the same kind of …

Voice Biometrics Conference Names MasterCard and Barclays as Keynote Speakers

Voice Biometrics

Today, Opus Research announced that MasterCard and Barclays will both present keynote presentations at the upcoming Voice Biometric Conference (VBC) in London this November.VBC, which takes place from November 18 through 19 in London, England, is the thirteenth Voice Biometrics Conference held by Opus Research, an analyst firm specializing in what it calls “conversational technologies”. Opus has been covering voice biometrics since 2002.According to Opus Research’s announcement, Anne Grim will be presenting on behalf of Barclays. Grim, managing director of global client experience from Barclays, will present a case study on supporting strong authentication through multiple channels. Recently, Barclays completed …

AGNITiO To Talk Voice Biometrics and Fraud Protection

Voice Biometrics

Today, voice biometric company AGNITiO announced that, as part of the upcoming Biometrics 2014 conference in London, England, it will be participating in a panel discussion titled What’s Coming Next for Voice ID. Specifically, Phillippe Vinci, the company’s executive vice president of sales, will be a member of the on stage conversation.Voice biometrics are quickly becoming a key topic in security, fraud prevention and privacy now that mainstream media outlets have been reporting on the proliferation of voiceprint databases being used by financial institutions and call centers. Vinci will be speaking about how voiceprint technology is helping identify fraudsters who …

ShopKeep Says NFC and Apple Pay are ‘the Future of the Payment Industry’

Apple Pay 1

ShopKeep, a provider of cloud-based retail-management software, has announced that it’s going to support NFC technology for transactions, along with the EMV (Europay, MasterCard and Visa) standards that are set to become mandatory in the US next year.It’s a good step forward for the company and for Apple Pay, the soon-to-be-released mobile payment platform for Apple’s iPhone line. While NFC card readers are common components at POS terminals in Canada, they aren’t yet commonplace in the US, and that has presented Apple with a problem as it has tried to move forward with its digital wallet program, which requires NFC technology for mobile payments. …

Apple iPad Goes Biometric With Touch ID

iPad Air 2

Apple doesn’t hold press conferences, it holds Media Events, and it had a big one yesterday. There’s been a lot of speculation about what exactly Apple would be announcing and unveiling, and in the end it was a bit of a smorgasbord. But there are a few general trends to note: Apple products are getting smaller, shinier, and tougher.Here’s what’s shrinking: The iPad Air 2 will be more slim, thinner than even the iPhone, by a hair. The forthcoming Apple Watch, which was the only really “new” Apple product discussed at the event (considering that the other products are merely new iterations of older …

Alibaba to Use Biometrics to Say ‘Open Sesame’

Alibaba, the huge Chinese commerce company that recently made waves with its IPO, is planning to incorporate biometric security in its payment system, according to a Wall Street Journal blog article by Juro Osawa. Alipay, the e-commerce wing of the company, is currently enjoying great success with its mobile payment app Alipay Wallet. With 190 million active users, it’s easily the top mobile payment tool in China, and given the Alibaba’s increasing profile on the international market, it makes a lot of sense to come up with more advanced security protocols.At a recent press conference, a senior director of Zhejian Ant Small & Micro …

Brazilian Biometrics Business Booming

Government Adoption Named Key Driver in Latin American Biometrics Market

Brazil’s biometrics market is booming, according to a new report from prosaically-named market research firm Research and Markets. The report, “Brazil Biometrics Market (2014-2020)”, indicates that the market is expected to enjoy “tremendous growth” over the next several years, and is projected to reach a value of $1.3 billion by the year 2020.It’s a surprisingly positive outlook for a country that has been struggling to emerge from its recession, and the report’s researchers point to a number of factors contributing to biometrics’ success, including government projects, large-scale sporting events, IT spending, and growing demand from the BFSI and hospitality sectors.In …

Introducing On-Card Fingerprint Biometric Payments From MasterCard and Zwipe

Biometric payment solution from Zwipe and MasterCard

Today, Zwipe AS and MasterCard announced the launch of the world’s very first contactless payment card with embedded fingerprint biometrics. Combining on-device biometric authentication with the convenience of a contactless credit card, the new solution allows for a purchase of any amount to be made without the entry of a PIN, something that has never before been offered by a payment card.The Zwipe MasterCard payment card recently completed a pilot in Norway’s Sparebanken DIN, aligned to the Eika Group. Due to the pilot’s success, the new biometric payment solution is slated for release in 2015 and will be compatible with all …