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Industry News

Latest Biometrics news

INTERPOL Embraces P3s in Pursuit of Security Tech Solutions

Law Enforcement Biometrics

INTERPOL, the international police organization, has launched an initiative inviting private-sector companies to help find more advanced policing solutions. Dubbed the Strategic Partners Programme, the initiative is the product of INTERPOL World, a new biennial conference organized by the global policing body.In a press release, the organization noted that the inaugural event will place a focus on safe cities, supply chain security, border management, and cyber-security. While no specific solutions have yet been outlined, all of these major areas have fairly obvious biometric applications: India, for example, is working to secure its own borders with a national biometric citizenship database, …

Gemalto Rides The Mobile Commerce Wave

Mobile Biometrics

The fortunes of the mobile payment and biometric security boom are beginning to trickle down to the rest of the digital security industry, if Gemalto is any indication. The digital security company posted encouraging revenue figures yesterday indicating that mobile commerce is blowing up into a major market.Speaking in a press release, Gemalto CEO Olivier Piou commented that “the business case for secure elements to protect mobile and online payment transactions has been considerably strengthened during the quarter, and the ecosystem is clearly converging towards NFC for convenient proximity interactions.” The figures bear that out: Gemalto posted overall revenue growth …

VAMPIRE Handheld Brings Mobile Biometric Tech To Crime Scenes

Law Enforcement Biometrics

In law enforcement scenarios time means everything. Investigations hinge on collecting quality forensic evidence as fast as possible in order to make sure the right people are found and society remains safe for the innocent. A new biometric handheld device from Booz Allen stands to speed up forensic processes for this exact reason.The VAMPIRE tactical device is roughly the size of a smartphone and allows forensics professionals to do realtime biometric matching operations with on-site latent and live fingerprint evidence. The device is easy to use and can be operated with minimal specialized training.Adam Weiner,  Booz Allen principal, says that …

Intel Capital Launches Major Round of Investments in Chinese Biometric Tech

Internet of Things, M2M, Biometrics

Intel’s global investment wing, Intel Capital, has announced a number of major investments in Chinese tech companies, according to a new China Money Network article. The investments amount to a sum of $28 million and will cover a range of technological fields including mobile devices, wearable tech, the Internet of Things, and biometrics.This is the product of the Intel Capital China Smart Device Innovation Fund, which was set up in April of this year and succeeds the previous Intel Capital Technology Funds from 2008 and 2005. Explaining the investment fund, Intel China president Ian Yang explained that smart and connected IT …

BIO-key Biometrics Aim For a Positive Donor Experience in Blood Centers

BIO-key Fingerprint Biometrics Expanding Through Retail POS Ecosystem

Biometric identity management technologies are a great boon to medical centers and clinics that see a high throughput of patients. Patient management systems that operate using biometrics rather than cards help cut down on administrative inefficiencies, add accountability to records, break down language barriers and make medical fraud much more difficult for those who would abuse the system.BIO-key International, a company specializing in fingerprint biometrics and cloud based mobile credentialing, offers those benefits to blood centers thanks to its TruDonor Identification platform. Eliminating the need for donor cards, which need to be replaced when lost or updated when changes are …

Encap Security Adds iPhone Biometrics to Arsenal


Norwegian firm Encap Security, which offers in-app authentication software for financial services providers, has announced that Apple’s Touch ID has been incorporated into their platform.Touch ID is, of course, the fingerprint-scanning biometric technology now finding its way onto all new Apple mobile devices. A major component of Apple Pay, Apple’s mobile commerce platform, the Touch ID’s API is available to third-party developers so that it can be incorporated into their apps. Encap apparently leapt at the opportunity, noting in a press release that with Apple’s latest offerings, “fingerprint-based biometrics has entered the mainstream,” providing Encap and its clients an opportunity “to leverage …

Scriptel Offers Greater e-Signature Integration, Biometric Compatibility


Scriptel Corporation, a company specializing in the digitization of penmanship, has announced a new piece of software that will allow users to import their signatures into a number of popular digital document formats including Word and Adobe Acrobat docs. The software, called Sign and Save, will work in conjunction with the company’s ScripTouch hardware.Scriptel’s ScripTouch products are basically electronic pads designed to record signatures that are written on them. The new Sign and Save software is basically an enhancement in compatibility, as now anyone using a ScripTouch device can import an e-signature into documents on Windows, Mac, and Linux operating …

EMKA BioLock Offers Advanced Data Centre Security

Biometric Access Contol

British locking systems developer EMKA has unveiled its new BioLock cabinet-locking hardware. It works in concert with the digital and RFID security components that comprise EMKA’s Electronic Locking and Monitoring (ELM) system.The BioLock can be installed on a cabinet or a block of cabinets and uses a built-in fingerprint-scanning sensor for access control. Access is administrated by means of EMKA’s Control Cockpit software, and the system allows administrators to not only grant access to certain individuals, but to assign certain “alarm fingers” that will trigger a remote alarm when accessing cabinets.The BioLock system, designed as it is for data center …

New Study Tracks Shift of Retail – and Fraud – into Mobile Domain

Passwords and PINs

Research and Markets has issued a new mobile retail report based on several 2012 Javelin Strategy & Research surveys. The report, “Online And Mobile Retail Payments Authentication: Preventing Fraud in the Age of Data Breaches and Malware”, notes that mobile commerce is on the rise and retail fraud is following suit.The report notes that Chip and PIN systems’ increasing presence at physical POS terminals has pushed down real-world retail fraud, but as in so many other kinds of crime, pushing it down in one place just makes it rise up somewhere else – in this case, in mobile commerce, where …

Forward-Thinking Fujitsu Files Biometrics Patents

Multifactor Biometrics

Japanese computing company Fujitsu Ltd. has filed a number of new patent applications for biometric technology, according to Steve Brachmann in an article for IPWatchdog. While the company also has its hands in computer processing and data transmission, these latest patents indicate that it is “deeply invested in the development of biometric technologies,” Brachmann writes.One patent application (US Patent Application No. 20140296723) is for a rather novel method of making sure that drivers of motor vehicles don’t fall asleep at the wheel. Wheel-mounted electrodes would monitor and amplify the driver’s heartbeat signals, thereby allowing software to track the driver’s level …