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Latest Biometrics news

Global Identity Summit: SpeechPro Launches VoiceKey.WebAccess

Multifactor Biometrics

The Global Identity Summit came to a close yesterday in Tampa, Florida. SpeechPro – a voice  biometric software company – closed the week filled with keynotes, panels, dynamic discussions and exhibitions by announcing the launch of VoiceKey.WebAccess.The new solution is a multi-factor authentication software that leverages cameras and microphones to combine face and voice recognition for logical access control in web applications. The aim with VoiceKey.WebAccess it to fully replace passwords in a low friction and secure manner. The software is built on standards-based architecture and can be built into web services applications through its API.With VoiceKey.WebAccess a user gains …

Lockheed Martin Played Key Role FBI’s NGI Deployment

Law Enforcement Biometrics

The FBI’s Next Generation Identitification (NGI) system is now fully operational, having gone online September 7, 2014. With the NGI system in place, the Bureau has new tools to help identify criminals with greater efficiency and accuracy than the old hard-copy methods.The NGI’s full activation is a major milestone in the world of identity, and as such it has been a major focus at the Global Identity Summit in Tampa, Florida this week, having the event’s opening keynote presented on the topic. Today, Lockheed Martin announced that it played a role in the NGI’s development, leading a team that delivered four major …

Suprema Integrates Biometric Access With Milestone Video Management Software

Biometric Access Control

Today, biometric and security technology company Suprema announced that it has integrated its solutions with Milestone video management software (VMS): an open architecture software compatible with a wide range of IP cameras, encoders and digital video recorders.The integration will now allow users of both companies’ products to link cameras to access control devices, combining surveillance with biometric security. The ability to track access control transactions brings a heightened level of convenience to the physical security deployment, giving administrators the ability to react immediately to any inconveniences, slowdowns or potential emergencies. Break-in attempts, false negatives and other security related mishaps like “door left …

FaceFirst Expands Border Control Deployment in Panama

Facial Biometrics

Facial recognition supplier FaceFirst has announced that its biometric solutions currently deployed in Panama’s Tocumen International Airport are expanding into the facility’s Terminal Muelle Norte (the North Terminal). Initially implemented at the airport in 2011, FaceFirst’s facial recognition system provides Tocumen International with the ability to facilitate the capture multiple Interpol suspects as well as national and regional wanted persons.Jose Mulino, Panama’s Minister of Public Security explains, “The FaceFirst facial recognition system installed at Tocumen is capable of detecting 30 people per day who have a police record or who are wanted by Interpol, and thus are not allowed to enter …

Global Identity Summit: MorphoTrust Awarded NSTIC Pilot

GIS logo

This morning that the Global Identity Summit in Tampa, Florida, NSTIC senior executive advisor Jeremy Grant took the main stage for the day’s first keynote. During Grant’s presentation, between entertaining and illustrative slides of unicorns and Star Wars characters (it was a great keynote), he announced three newly awarded NSTIC pilot programs.The recipients of the NSTIC awarded cybersecurity pilots are GSMA, Confyrm and MorphoTrust USA (Safran).GSMA will be focusing on an interoperable solution that will allow consumers and businesses to use mobile devices in identity and access management scenarios, while Confyrm is piloting a shared signals solution aimed at early fraud …

BioConnect Platform From ENTERTECH Paired With Honeywell’s Pro-Watch

Biometric Access Control

Today, ENTERTECH SYSTEMS announced that, thanks to a new pairing between its BioConnect application and the Pro-Watch security management suite from Honeywell, users of the latter will now have the option of deploying Suprema biometric access control devices.ENTERTECH is Suprema’s operating partner in the US, Canada, UK and Ireland, which means the the newly announced compatibility will include the BioStation T2, BioStation, BioEntry Plus, BioEntry W, BioLite Net and BioMini.“It’s a relationship that brings together what each company does best,” says Honeywell’s senior director of marketing Alan Stoddard. “Bringing in the combined ENTERTECH SYSTEMS and Suprema advanced biometric technologies has really opened …

ImageWare’s GoMobile Interactive Scores First Place Emerging Technology Award

Identity Management in the Cloud

This past Wednesday at the Super Mobility Week trade show in Las Vegas, mobile and cloud-based identity management company ImageWare Systems received the Emerging Technology (E-Tech) Award from CTIA – The Wireless Association. The honor was granted for ImageWare’s GoMobile Interactive product, which scored first place in the category of Mobile Money, Payments, Banking & Commerce.Runners up in ImageWare’s category were Mercury, in second place for its Mercury StoreCard, and TeleSign, in third for its PhoneID Score solution.A multi-modal biometric solution based in the cloud, ImageWare’s GoMobile Interactive enables mobile commerce applications – including banking, payments and mobile wallet applications – to benefit …

Massachusetts Lunch Lines Go Biometric Despite Parental Concerns

Multifactor Biometrics

This fall, schools in North Adams, Massachusetts, will be deploying biometrics as a way to make the lunch line more efficient. Finger scanners courtesy of identiMetrics, working in tandem with the school’s POS solution called NutriKids will be replacing swipe cards, allowing for fast and secure payment while protecting financial details of underprivileged students and giving parents a better idea of how their children are eating via online transaction tracking.Tammy Daniels, a writer for local publication iBerkshires, is reporting that the although the biometric lunch line technology is full of promise, it’s not receiving the warmest of receptions. Upon receipt of …

Aware Announces INQUIRE Software Development Kit

Biomretric Software and Services Provider Aware, Inc

Today, Aware, Inc. – a biometric software and services provider – announced it’s newest software development kit: INQUIRE.INQUIRE is an acronym for INformation QUality and Identity Resolution Engine. The SDK compliments biometric search and match operations, featuring its own text-based filter, search, match and link algorithms.David Benini, Aware’s VP of marketing explains what INQUIRE brings to the table, saying that the introduction of INQUIRE reflects the usefulness of text-based identity data in biometric systems.“The ability to interpret textual identity data adds a dimension of analysis that is powerful not only for discovery of insightful identity information, but also towards characterizing identity data …

Privacy Restrictions To Hinder Global Facial Recognition Market Growth, Says Report

Facial biometrics

A new report analyzing the global facial recognition market cites restrictions on users’ sharing of personal details as a hindrance to market growth. Specifically using the example of the covert monitoring of an individual, the report from Research and Markets, which covers the period between 2014 and 2020, doesn’t seem to paint a negative picture of the market by any means.According to the analysis, the global market for facial recognition is expected to grow at a CAGR of 9.5 percent between 2014 and 2020.  In 2013 the market was valued at USD 1.17 billion, with a significant revenue share being …