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Latest Biometrics news

Morpho Acquires Software Solutions Publisher Dictao

Virtual Acceptance

Today, Morpho (Safran) announced that it has finalized the acquisition of Dictao: a software solutions publisher primarily concerned with digital trust and security.“Dictao is a trusted partner, working with us for many years as a supplier of digital security products for large-scale ID programs,” says Philippe Petitcolin, Chairman and CEO of Morpho. “This acquisition clearly reflects our commitment to covering all aspects of digital identity, allowing us to guarantee more secure and convenient authentication for all online transactions.”Dictao is based in France. With 100 employees, it offers solutions for strong authentication, secure online transactions and secure archiving, serving public and …

Vision-Box Providing Denmark With Biometric Enrollment and Border Control Solutions

Biometric Border Control

Vision-Box, a provider of automated border control solutions, is known for its optimistic outlook on biometric automated border control, particularly when it comes to streamlining the passenger check-in experience in airports.Today, Vision-Box released an announcement stating that it will be spreading this convenient and secure experience to Denmark, enabling more than just easy and secure travel. The Danish Government has awarded the company with a four year framework agreement that will have the Vision-Box and its partner – the consortium of  Biometric Solutions – providing biometric enrollment and automated border control solutions to the country.According to Vision-Box, the technology provided …

FBI Activates Next Generation Identification System, Preserves Historical Biometrics

Fingerprint Biometrics

This week, the FBI announced that in September it will be doing away with the old cliche storage warehouses full of identity information when its Next Generation Identification (NGI) system becomes fully active. The project, which involves the digitization of over 30 million records, signifies a major milestone for the FBI as it will be fully replacing the bureau’s Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System.With the digitization comes efficiency, but also a pang of nostalgia for the olden days. As the records are converted into computer data, the physical copies are destroyed. This includes the hard biometric evidence of approximately 83 …

Voice ID Biometric Deployment in South Africa Among the Largest In The World

Voice Biometrics

Africa has been frequently identified as a region ripe for biometric deployments, especially in the area of finance. Strong authentication solutions greatly reduce the risk of fraud while keeping transactions convenient for the end user. This is especially true of voice biometrics, which are hands free and nearly frictionless.This week, voice biometrics provider AGNITiO announced the successful deployment of its voice biometrics through the Proof of Life authentication system in South Africa. The deployment, done with the company’s payment solutions partner Net1 UEPS, in now aiding millions of South African citizens who receive social security benefits and services.According to AGNITiO, this ranks among the …

DMV To Benefit From Virtual Lines Thanks To New MorphoTrust Partnership

Virtual Acceptance

An identity management solutions filled world is one that is ultimately secure and convenient. With mobility and biometrics reaching new heights of popularity, both in the hands of consumers and across vertical markets, daily inconveniences like airport security wait times, inefficient attendance tracking and security questions for phone banking are all slowly disappearing.Next on the daily inconvenience chopping block is going to be the wait times at the Department of Motor Vehicles and other motor vehicle agencies, now that MorphoTrust USA (Safran) has partnered with QLess to create a virtual line solution.The line management solution will be provided by QLess – …

New Time and Attendance Solution Combines Face Biometrics With PIN

Passwords and PINs

Today, workplace management solutions provider Asure Software announced the release of a new time and attendance tracker powered by biometrics. In terms of staff and payroll management, biometric solutions add efficiency and trust. Requiring a biometric factor for employee clock in procedures cuts down on fraudulent behavior like buddy-punching (when a staff member signs in for an absent friend) and also reduces administrative cost by eliminating access cards which can be lost or stolen.Called the AsureForce AirClock, the company’s new solution combines facial recognition with manual PIN entry in a wall-mounted panel. Users first punch in their PIN, then stand …

World’s Fastest Contactless Fingerprint Scanner To Be Presented at GIS 2014

Fingerprint Biometrics

This year’s Global Identity Summit (GIS) is less than one month away. Formerly the Biometric Consortium Conference, the annual identity management  event is held in Tampa, Florida, and is host to a slew of announcements, demonstrations, product launches and keynotes.Today, Morpho (Safran) announced that during GIS it will be presenting what it claims is the fastest contactless four finger scanner in the world: Finger on the Fly. Users simply wave their hand above the scanner once for authentication. With matching speeds measuring under one second, the Finger on the Fly is an ideal solution for high traffic deployments. The solution is …

Recent Demonstration Shows Successful Handheld Facial Recognition at 200 Meters

Facial Biometrics

Today, StereoVision Imaging, Inc. (SVI), a company currently developing facial recognition technology under government grants, announced today that it has successfully demonstrated its 3D face biometric solution at distances measuring over 200 meters. The demonstration was presented to agencies from the Department of Defense in the Los Angeles, California, area.According to SVI, this is the first time a handheld binocular device has positively identified subjects at such long range.The demonstration was performed outdoors in uncontrolled lighting conditions. SVI’s technology is a handheld biometric solution that uses 3D imaging technology and noise reduction to view and identify persons of interest.Gregory Steinthal,StereoVision …

SecuGen’s New Biometric Device To Make An Appearance at 2014 Global Identity Summit

Multifactor Biometrics

Running from September 16 to 18 in Tampa, Florida, the 2014 Global Identity Summit (formerly the Biometric Consortium Conference) will be a major focus in the biometrics industry in only a few weeks time. Expect major announcements, product launches and guest speakers. Today, SecuGen Corporation announced that it will be partaking in the festivities by showcasing its new Hamster Pro Duo CL contactless smartcard reader during the event.A brand new device from SecuGen, the Hamster Pro Duo SL is a multifactor reader planned to be released shortly.  It features the corporation’s U20 sensor: a FAP 20 certified optical fingerprint sensor. …

Face Guardian Launches Biometric Privacy Service

Facial Biometrics

Your face is one of the most widely broadcast and least policeable biometrics you have. Thanks to the proliferation of social media and phone cameras, we have entered an age of headshot proliferation. Whether its to add accountability to a LinkedIn profile or to broadcast your existence via selfie, chances are that if you’re reading this, your face is somewhere on the Internet.This poses a conundrum for users everywhere: when images of your face are public, how can you sleep at night knowing they aren’t being used fraudulently?Enter Face Guardian: a new identity theft monitoring company from Face Data, Inc.  that …