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An IBIA Special Webinar Presentation – Privacy and the Commercial Use of Biometrics

The very concept of surveillance is changing right now. Thanks to the recent mainstream rise of biometrics and strong mobile authentication technology, privacy has shot to the very top of the identity management community’s list of concerns. Listen to our identity experts as they discuss these important topics of privacy and surveillance in the modern world.

The Global Automated Border Control Market: Forecasts & Analysis 2014 – 2018, Part 2

The second in our ABC Webinar series as we dive into the Airport ABC eGate and Kiosk marketplace The global market for Airport Automated Border Control (ABC) eGates and Kiosks is poised for rapid growth. Airports will spend more than $2.2 billion globally and deploy 18,000 ABC eGates and Kiosks between 2014 and 2018. Unlike related markets, such as ePassports, which have developed in response to well defined, mandatory global requirements, each Airport ABC eGate and Kiosk program reflects the unique needs, operational requirements, logistical considerations, and immigration imperatives of the airport, the region, and the nation where they are …

The Global Automated Border Control Market: Forecasts & Analysis

Automated Border Control (ABC) solutions are fundamentally transforming the global travel experience. From Australia’s SmartGate’s and US Global Entry to the hundreds of eChannel gates at Hong Kong land and sea crossings, to the Automated Passport Control Kiosks rolling out across North America, and the nearly 200 eGates planned for deployment in the UK and Germany next year, ABC technology is driving the development of the 21st century international transportation infrastructure. findBIOMETRICS and Acuity Market Intelligence give a data driven analysis that segments the ABC market by eGate and Kiosk Solution Types, discusses the critical drivers and disruptions most likely to …

The Mobile Biometrics Market Landscape

Do you believe the future of identity is increasingly mobile and that biometrics has a critical role to play in the mainstreaming of mobile identity? Then join findBIOMETRICS and Acuity Market Intelligence for 30-minutes of thought provoking market analysis as we introduce Acuity’s latest market model – the Mobile Biometrics Market Landscape. Acuity’s Principal, C. Maxine Most, will discuss how mobility is driving and reshaping the biometrics marketplace creating significant new opportunities while attracting a new class of market entrants. The Mobile Biometrics Market Landscape model captures these dynamics and maps emerging opportunities based on assurance requirements and authentication volumes. …

THE FUTURE OF MOBILE ID – Mobile ID Industry Update

Frost & Sullivan’s Brent Iadarola, Global Program Manager Mobile & Wireless and Maxine Most, Principal, Acuity Market Intelligence explore the changing Mobile landscape, anticipated growth areas, Mobile payments, BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), different technologies, current trends, ID opportunities and challenges with a focus on Biometrics and a look to the Future. Sponsored by MorphoTrak, NEC, 3M Cogent and Agnitio  

Global Market for National eIDs to reach $11 Billion Annually in 2013

In this exclusive webinar, Maxine Most from Acuity Market Intelligence reviews their findings that a dramatic shift from traditional National IDs to National Electronic IDs (eIDs) would generate more than $11 billion dollars in annual revenue by 2013. While the total number of countries with some form of National ID program is projected to increase just 11%, growing from 126 to 140 between 2010 and 2015, the number of countries with National eID programs will grow from 67 to 114 over the forecast period, an increase of more than 70%. These forecasts and analyses are from “The Global National eID Industry …

Update on the Unique Identification Authority of India with B.B Nanawati- Deputy Director General

Presently, working as Deputy Director General (Technology) in Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), B.B Nanawati is in charge of Programme Management for Technology for allocating Unique Identification Number to all residents of India. This involves state-of-art biometric detail capture in a large-scale identification program which will involve more than 1.2 billion residents of India. findBIOMETRICS will be providing regular updates on the UIDAI project over the next 2 years. Hear how the program is doing to date…successes and challenges. As the person in charge of Programme Management for Technology, B.B Nanawati has a unique perspective on all aspects of the programme. …

The Future of Biometrics

This webinar came on the heels of a presentation by Maxine Most and Peter O’Neill, which was part of a panel on The Future of Biometrics at the NDIA Conference in Washington on February 24, 2011. The presentation erupted into 30 minutes of audience questions; Moderator Dan Nickell later advised the panel that, “Comments made to me following the presentations suggest that NDIA and the Biometrics Division management feel this panel was the highlight of the conference.” As a result of this, findBIOMETRICS decided to offer you a free webinar to hear Maxine and Peter review their presentations. Hear our …

Interoperability: At the Intersection of Policy and Public Perception

Biometrics are widely recognized for their powerful identification capabilities: They help enhance security, protect privacy and catch the bad guys. But like many emerging technologies related to personal identification, biometrics also face an array of policy-related questions: What kinds of biometric information can organizations exchange? When can organizations share this data? How should organizations share this data? It’s an ongoing discussion, with many of the answers deeply rooted in public perception. The technology is real and proven—so could this be the last hurdle before broader adoption and interoperability? Join findBIOMETRICS for a free webinar to hear how these issues are …