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Biometrics Industry News Roundup: Borders, Voices, Fingers, Nations

FindBiometrics, Identity Managment, Biometric Technology

This week at FindBiometrics we continued our month long exploration of biometric border control while in the news identity management did anything but stay put. There was a lot of international biometric industry news this week, as well as a healthy dose of financial market talk, while activity in fingerprint and voice solutions drew some focus too.Here is a look at the past week in biometrics.BordersFor week three of Biometric Border Control Month here at FindBiometrics we spent some time looking at three examples of how next generation identity management technology is already helping expedite the airport security experience while …

Biometric Border Control Month: Three Biometric Airport Security Deployments

Biometric Border Control

Sometimes when we talk about technologies that can vastly improve real life experiences, especially ones that involve futuristic-feeling technology like biometrics, it helps to have real life examples. The promises of biometric border control, particularly in airports, seem almost too good to be true: convenience without the sacrifice of security.The thing is, these promises are real and out there in the world right now.  In fact, biometrics have been making border control easier and more secure for a long time. Here are three different  biometric border control deployments that are at work while you read this very article. Iris Recognition at …

Biometrics Industry News Roundup: Many Modalities and Border Control

Fingerprint Biometrics

This week at FindBiometrics multiple modalities were all over the industry news while we continued to explore biometric border control in the featured articles section.Here is what the identity management industry was talking about this week:FingerprintsThis week fingerprints were all over the news. From a biometric solution in healthcare that helps first responders save lives, to positive third quarter financial results reported by BIO-key, to IDEX naming a new partner that will manufacture its sensors, fingerprint companies kept us talking about digits all week. Also, in a delicious piece of news from Central America, we brought you news of Crossmatch U.are.U …

Biometric Border Control Month: The Barrier Free Experience

Biometric Border Control

The prospect of travelling by air may have one time, long ago, held some amount of excitement for travelers. In a bygone era that some might call more innocent or possibly naive, the experience of boarding an airplane might have held dignity, convenience and something resembling novelty. I don’t know. I have not lived in that age.Flying now, in North America, is an unpleasant experience in large part to the security precautions that must be taken to keep the skies safe. In order to progress to your boarding area you need to observe the following inconveniences: stand in a long …

Biometrics Industry News Roundup: Money, Wearables and Border Control

Biometric Commerce

This past week has been incredibly big for the identity management industry, particularly in terms of the commerce vertical markets. With the Money20/20 conference showing a massive uptick in biometrics-based presentations, announcements and exhibitions it is clear that the mainstream financial community is ready to embrace strong authentication. Meanwhile, FindBiometrics has entered Biometric Border Control Month in the featured articles section, and the industry news was filled with everything from law enforcement to a new biometric hat..Here’s what happened this past week in the world of biometrics.Money, Money, MoneyThis week in Las Vegas the payment industry gathered for Money20/20, the …

Biometric Border Control Month: The Primer

Biometric Border Control

November is Biometric Border Control Month here at FindBiometrics, and to start off (as usual) here is a handy primer to get you up to speed on the topic.Border control is an interesting vertical when it comes to identity management markets, in that it encompasses a wide range of biometric applications. Access control, remote identification, secure documents and third party enrollment all have a role to play in keeping national borders safe.Here’s what we talk about when we talk about biometric border control:Automatic Border Control eGates and KiosksThe global market for automated border control solutions is in the midst of …

Biometrics Industry News Roundup: Global Popularity, Mobility and Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement Biometrics

The FindBiometrics industry news section had us talking about biometrics on an international level once again this past week with news from Asia, Europe, the Caribbean and North America. Justice was also a major identity management topic, an especially convenient fact considering it was the final week of Law Enforcement Biometrics Month. Meanwhile, commerce and mobility continued to have a strong presence.Here are the top biometric industry news stories from the week ending November 1, 2014.Law EnforcementThis past week we brought a close to Law Enforcement Biometrics Month with a full roundup of all the justice-related news and features from October. The …

Law Enforcement Biometrics Month: The Roundup

Law Enforcement Biometrics

It’s time to bring Law Enforcement Biometrics to an end. After a full month of related industry news and feature articles on the topic it is clear that the area of law enforcement and justice is a dynamic space for both biometric identification technologies and strong authentication.Here is a look back on October and all of the various ways we discussed biometrics in law enforcement.Getting Started When They’re YoungWe started Law Enforcement Biometrics Month with a primer on the topic. The history of biometrics and law enforcement is long and involved, giving a strong relationship on which to build a …

Biometrics Industry News Roundup: Law Enforcement, Blood Clinics and National eID

FindBiometrics, Identity Managment, Biometric Technology

This week at FindBiometrics the industry news touched on a huge number of identity management applications and a diverse selection for biometrics modalities. From healthcare to finance and from consumer tech to government deployments, the week ending October 25, 2014 was jam packed with biometrics industry news.Staying Safe and HealthyHealthcare and law enforcement verticals were both in the news this past week. BIO-key International announced that its TruDonor patient management system, which uses fingerprint biometrics to provide convenience, comfort and security to the act of giving plasma, will be on display at this year’s AABB annual meeting in the Pennsylvania …

Biometrics Industry News Roundup: Finance, Mobility and Voiceprint Panic

FindBiometrics, Identity Managment, Biometric Technology

This past week at FindBiometrics we continued to examine law enforcement biometrics in the featured articles section, while Apple’s fingerprint protected tablets, innovations in biometric commerce and new privacy concerns rounded out the industry news section. Here is your biometrics industry news roundup for the week ending October 18, 2014.FinanceWith Apple Pay set to officially launch tomorrow, bringing the option of biometric POS payments to everyone with an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, the financial world is moving at full speed into the next generation thanks to strong authentication technologies. This past week we took a look at the success …