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Biometrics Industry News Roundup: Finance, Mobility and Voiceprint Panic

FindBiometrics, Identity Managment, Biometric Technology

This past week at FindBiometrics we continued to examine law enforcement biometrics in the featured articles section, while Apple’s fingerprint protected tablets, innovations in biometric commerce and new privacy concerns rounded out the industry news section. Here is your biometrics industry news roundup for the week ending October 18, 2014.FinanceWith Apple Pay set to officially launch tomorrow, bringing the option of biometric POS payments to everyone with an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, the financial world is moving at full speed into the next generation thanks to strong authentication technologies. This past week we took a look at the success …

Law Enforcement Biometrics Month: 4 Modalities Of Justice

Law Enforcement Biometrics

It’s Law Enforcement Biometric Month here at FindBiometrics and to celebrate the vertical that aims to keep us safe on the streets and in our homes we’re going to take a look at the diversity in its solutions.FingerprintsFingerprints are so tied to law enforcement that the two ideas are practically synonymous in the minds of the public. The link is so strong for many that when fingerprint biometrics started to become a mainstream consumer technology thanks to new smartphone innovations, many were stricken with technopanicIndeed, the very first use of mobile fingerprint biometrics was in service of justice. In 1995 Digital …

Biometrics Industry News Roundup: Biometric Tech Versus Ebola

FindBiometrics, Identity Managment, Biometric Technology

Last week at Find Biometrics we continued our month long examination of law enforcement biometrics while mobility held on to its top spot as a fixture of identity management news thanks to the persistent and strong hype generated by Apple. Meanwhile border control, access control and privacy concerns in the NBA rounded out an exciting week in our industry.Law EnforcementWeek two of Law Enforcement Biometrics Month had us talking about the FBI’s Next Generation Identity program in the featured articles section while news came in regarding the state of tattoo recognition and the key vendors in the UK’s justice market. …

Law Enforcement Biometrics Month: Next Generation Identification

Grama Mugshot

The FBI’s Next Generation Identification (NGI) system is a logical step in the right direction for law enforcement in the United States. Managed by the Bureau’s Criminal Justice Information Services division (CJIS), NGI brings an exciting amount of next generation efficiency to critical law enforcement procedures that used to take an unbelievable amount of time considering their sensitive nature.NGI became fully operational in September and has been a mainstay topic in the news ever since, but the three letters stand for a whole lot more than just a database of criminal records and a faster way to catch the wanted …

Biometrics Industry News Roundup: Canadian Biometric Banking

Multifactor Biometrics

This week at FindBiometrics the industry news spanned everything from physical access control to a Canadian bank that is embracing fingerprint and voice authentication for its mobile app. Meanwhile in the featured articles section we entered Law Enforcement Biometrics Month with a review of how strong authentication and identification tech is catching crooks and keeping us safe. We also took a look at the FBI’s Next Generation Identification program which just recently became fully operational.Starting off with access control news, Entertech Systems (Suprema’s operating partner in the US, UK, Canada and Ireland) announced a partnership with Frontier Security this week. …

Law Enforcement Biometrics Month – The Primer

Law Enforcement Biometrics

The law enforcement market has been using biometrics to solve crimes ever since the first print was pulled from a crime scene. Now, biometrics, mobility and identity management extend beyond the crime lab and onto the field, into correctional facilities and onto the computer systems that help catch crooks.All through October, FindBiometrics will be taking a closer look at the biometric solutions that keep law abiding citizens safe at night. Welcome to Law Enforcement Biometrics Month.Wanted Persons and ForensicsWhen the average person thinks about biometrics in relationship to law enforcement, chances are they picture a scene from television’s CSI, in …

Biometrics Industry News Roundup: A New Way To Scan Fingerprints?

FindBiometrics, Identity Managment, Biometric Technology

This week at FindBiometrics we reported on news out of the University of Windsor where researchers are developing a new way to capture fingerprints. Meanwhile, both of Apple’s iPhone 6 models kept consumer biometrics in the conversation and we took a look at the many mobile modalities in our featured article of the week.This week we discovered that University of Windsor researchers are working towards improving the method through which fingerprints are scanned in law enforcement, military and border control situations. The goal of the project is to create a scanner that can successfully capture fingerprint images on subjects that …

Mobile Biometrics Month: 5 Modalities that Show the Diversity of Mobile Biometrics

Mobile Biometrics

During last week’s events in Tampa – Biometrics UnPlugged and the Global Identity Summit (GIS) – one of the talking points that kept coming up during presentations and panels what the growing sentiment that in identity management there is no one solution to fit every problem. There exists a nuance to biometric deployments that has as much to do with security and convenience as it does with culture and context. The future, many are starting to accept, will be multi-modal.With Mobile Biometrics Month still upon us it’s time to take a look at the many modalities that can go wherever we …

Biometrics Industry News Roundup: Global Identity Summit and Biometrics UnPlugged

FindBiometrics, Identity Managment, Biometric Technology

This past week FindBiometrics was in Tampa, covering Biometrics UnPlugged and the Global Identity Summit from the ground floor. That didn’t mean it was a week without the regular industry news though, with product launches, partnerships, contract announcements and research reports all making their way onto our radar.Monday was the second annual Biometrics UnPlugged conference at the Tampa Museum of Art, this year focusing on the topics of mobility, privacy and commerce in the realm of identity management. Speakers Steven Rahman, director of technology and strategy at Samsung, and  Philippe de Raet, vice president of Public Sector at Experian, started …

Finding the “I” in Global Identity Summit

Multifactor Biometrics

The opening keynote of the very first Global Identity Summit was presented by FBI’s executive assistant director for science and technology, Amy Hess. The choice to launch the conference and exhibition with a speech from Hess was appropriate for a number of reasons, chief of which is the fact the the FBI’s Next Generation Identity system went fully operational on September 7th, but most affecting of which was what it said about this year’s change in focus.Hess began her presentation with an anecdote of a Kansas City bank robbery that was part of her initial assignment in the violent crimes …