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Biometrics Unplugged

Featured Articles

Biometrics Industry News Roundup: FBI Preserves Historical Biometrics


This past week at FindBiometrics we brought our summer event – The Road to Biometrics UnPlugged – to a close in the featured articles section while announcements started to roll in regarding what to expect during the Global Identity Summit in Tampa this September. On top of that we had product announcements, new performance milestones and news from the FBI regarding the full activation of the Next Generation Identity (NGI) system.The FBI announced this week that in September it will be doing away with the old cliche storage warehouses full of identity information when its Next Generation Identification system becomes …

Road2BUP: FindBiometrics Summer Event Roundup

September is almost here, which means we are mere weeks away from Biometrics UnPlugged: Mobility at the Crossroads of Commerce and Privacy. All summer we have been preparing for this interactive executive summit by focusing our featured articles section and blog on the topics of commerce and privacy.Here is what we talked about when we prepared for Biometrics UnPlugged.CommerceFor July the topic of the month was next generation commerce. In the featured articles section we explored all sorts of next generation payment and banking topics. The convenience that biometrics can provide banking customers with, three real financial deployments of identity management …

Biometrics Industry News Roundup: Biometrics UnPlugged Speakers Announced, Wells Fargo Invests in EyeVerify

This past week in biometrics we saw news all across the verticals. Voter ID, border control, time and attendance and biometric access control all had their turn in the spotlight while new investors turned to strong authentication and our featured articles continued to focus on privacy.First of all, Biometrics UnPlugged announced its speakers this week. The high profile featured speakers will be leading the discussion before an interactive panel brings all of the new ideas into practical focus. EyeVerify announced on Wednesday that it has closed a series A funding round, raking-in over $6 million which will be used for expansion and marketing. …

Road2BUP: Privacy – The Biometrics You Broadcast To The World

Multifactor Biometrics

Biometrics UnPlugged is nearly upon us. The interactive C level executive summit will be kicking off September’s festivities in Tampa, Florida, immediately before the IBIA Opening Reception at the Tampa Museum of Art.This year, Biometrics UnPlugged is themed around Mobility at the Crossroads of Commerce and Privacy. All summer at FindBiometrics, we have been examining current topics on those themes, with July focusing on next generation commerce and August on privacy.When it comes to privacy, the discussion of biometrics turns from authentication and security to identification and trust. Today, we are going to take a look at three biometrics that …

Road2BUP: Privacy – Regulating Identity

Multifactor Biometrics

We are nearly one month away from Biometrics UnPlugged in Tampa, Florida. All summer we have been shedding the spotlight on major topics in identity management. In June we featured ideas in next generation biometric and mobile commerce, now, one month away from the major industry event, we are turning our lens to privacy.Last week, in our privacy primer, we took a look at some of the aspects of biometrics that could keep the paranoid up at night. Today we’re going to examine an idea that can help combat the specific privacy concern of fraud: regulation.It’s Who You AreIn terms …

Road2BUP: Privacy – The Primer


Welcome to the second phase of The Road To Biometrics UnPlugged: a summer-long event here at FindBiometrics in preparation for the Biometrics UnPlugged conference in September. Now in its second iteration, this year Biometrics UnPlugged carries with it the subtitle “Mobility at the Crossroads of Commerce & Privacy.” Last month was dedicated to the commerce aspect of that equation so it’s only fitting that August be given to exploring the ideas of privacy in biometrics.Stealing BiometricsWhen we talk about privacy in biometrics there is a key distinction that needs to be made, and that is between the concept of authentication …

Road2BUP: Commerce – FindBiometrics Roundup


It is the end of July which means it’s time to say goodbye to the first month of our summer event: The Road To Biometrics UnPlugged. August will hold a new focus as we enter the second phase of preparation for the Tampa summit, so now is the time to take a look back and review what we focused on during Road2BUP: Commerce.Talking About The Next GenerationThis first month of Road2BUP made it clear: things are changing in finance in a real way. Real deployments are being seen around the world as the promise of biometrics offers convenience and security …

Biometrics Industry News Roundup: Brain Biometrics, Naked Payments and Persistent Authentication


This past week at findBIOMETRICS, we entered into week four of the Road to Biometrics UnPlugged. In the features section we took a look at biometric payments that don’t require smartphones while the industry news section was filled with reports of brain-trauma-detecting wearables, persistent heart rate authentication, big releases and exciting new partnerships.BIO-key announced that it has partnered with Experian Public Sector. The partnership will see BIO-key’s fingerprint biometric technologies paired with Experian’s identity verification products. The aim is to expand access to identity proofing in transactions that require the highest level of authentication assurance.Meanwhile, Suprema launched a fingerprint recognition …

Biometrics Industry News Roundup: Performance Tests and Certifications

This week in biometrics industry news we saw a lot of reports coming in concerning face, voice and finger-based biometrics, many of which had to do with performance testing and certification.In the featured articles section, we continued down the Road To Biometrics UnPlugged, now in week three of our summer event leading up the the second annual industry gathering. The theme for July is biometrics in commerce and on Wednesday we took a look at three strong authentication deployments in finance.Cross Match Technologies announced on Tuesday that its biometric identity management solutions are now available through the UK’s G-Cloud CloudStore. …

Road2BUP: Commerce – 3 Deployments of Biometrics in Finance

3 Deployments of Biometrics in Finance

It’s the Road to Biometrics UnPlugged and throughout July we are talking about the intersection of biometrics and commerce. Last week we took a look at the convenience that comes to the end user when biometrics are applied to personal banking matters. Today, we are going to examine some real life deployments in the biometric finance arena.1. Brazilian Biometric ATMsIn Brazil, you fingerprints can gain you access to your bank account at ATMs, and that is in large part thanks to Lumidigm and its multi-spectral imaging. Though Brazil is not the only region that Lumidigm serves with this technology, the …