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Featured Articles

Biometrics Industry News Roundup: Performance Tests and Certifications

This week in biometrics industry news we saw a lot of reports coming in concerning face, voice and finger-based biometrics, many of which had to do with performance testing and certification.In the featured articles section, we continued down the Road To Biometrics UnPlugged, now in week three of our summer event leading up the the second annual industry gathering. The theme for July is biometrics in commerce and on Wednesday we took a look at three strong authentication deployments in finance.Cross Match Technologies announced on Tuesday that its biometric identity management solutions are now available through the UK’s G-Cloud CloudStore. …

Road2BUP: Commerce – 3 Deployments of Biometrics in Finance

3 Deployments of Biometrics in Finance

It’s the Road to Biometrics UnPlugged and throughout July we are talking about the intersection of biometrics and commerce. Last week we took a look at the convenience that comes to the end user when biometrics are applied to personal banking matters. Today, we are going to examine some real life deployments in the biometric finance arena.1. Brazilian Biometric ATMsIn Brazil, you fingerprints can gain you access to your bank account at ATMs, and that is in large part thanks to Lumidigm and its multi-spectral imaging. Though Brazil is not the only region that Lumidigm serves with this technology, the …

Biometrics Industry News Roundup: National eID, Commerce and Eyeprint Investments

FST Biometrics Joins Lenel Open Access Alliance

This week’s biometrics industry news spanned a wide number of applications and topics keeping an emphasis on the future of the industry. A number of reports, a major investment and a telling blog post from Visa Europe all placed our gaze on the optimistic future of identity management technology. Meanwhile in the featured articles, we continued down the Road to Biometrics UnPlugged with an examination of what benefits biometric banking can bring to the end user.Starting with commerce news, in a new blog post on the Visa Europe website, the company’s director of new payment propositions, Jonathan Vaux, named biometrics …

Road2BUP Commerce – Feature Two: Banking With Biometrics

Biometrics Optimizing Card-On-File Payment

Leading up to this year’s Biometrics UnPlugged event in Tampa, Florida, we are taking the time to explore popular topics in biometrics. Throughout July, we will be taking a look at how biometrics and identity management are affecting commerce.Last week, we kicked things off with a primer, this week we’re going to take a look at what biometric banking can mean to the end user.The Biometric Banking PromiseBanking is inconvenient. The truth to that statement may be subjective, but it feels accurate. Bank hours are not synced with a person’s free time, necessitating online and phone banking options which, unfortunately, …

Biometrics Industry News Roundup: The Road To Biometrics UnPlugged

FST Biometrics Joins Lenel Open Access Alliance

July is here which puts us two and a half months away from the second annual Biometrics UnPlugged event in Tampa, Florida. This being the case, we have begun to prepare with The Road To Biometrics UnPlugged, a summer long event meant to shed light on some of the topics that will be discussed. First on the docket is commerce, a topic that we started to tackle this week with the usual week-one Primer.In terms of Industry News, this past week we saw biometrics in hospitals, detention facilities and all around the world with global spanning market research and a …

The Road To Biometrics UnPlugged – Commerce: The Primer

Biometrics Optimizing Card-On-File Payment

We are less than three months away from the second annual Biometrics UnPlugged event and, in preparation, findBIOMETRICS will be spending the whole summer building up to the gathering of identity industry trailblazers.The topic for this year is Mobility at the Crossroads of Commerce and Privacy and as such, July will focus on the topic of  next generation commerce. Welcome to the Road to Biometrics UnPlugged 2014!Thinking Post-PINLet’s start by reducing the topic of commerce and biometrics down to its most fundamental aspects. Strong authentication, in finance, inevitably boils down to fraud protection. Are people accessing accounts, making transactions or …

Biometrics Industry News Roundup: A Truly Multi-Modal Week

FST Biometrics Joins Lenel Open Access Alliance

This week at findBIOEMTRICS we brought Multi-Modal Month to a close, but you wouldn’t know it taking a look at the industry news section. For a month dedicated to the diversity of biometrics, identity management solutions and their applications, the final week of June was truly emblematic of the theme.We started the week with a novel application of biometric software from SpeechPro. A forensics expert in Los Angeles used the company’s SIS II Voice ID module to match audio samples and uncover the identity of Mr. Hidden Cash: a formerly anonymous man who was hiding money all over California.Though that …

Multi-Modal Month – Week 4: The Roundup

findBIOMETRICS Presents Multi-Modal Month - Week 4: The Round Up

It is time to wrap up Multi-Modal Month here at findBIOMETRICS. All throughout June we have been celebrating the diversity of biometrics and identity management solutions in order to mark the changes happening both in the industry and on our website.Here are some of the topics we explored:Getting StartedTo start things off, as is becoming custom in our monthly featured article cycle, we began Multi-Modal Month with a Primer. Rather than focusing on solutions that leverage multiple biometrics factors (we’ll get to those next), we took the opportunity to provide a crash course in the many modes of biometric technology.That’s …

Biometrics Industry News Roundup: Border Control, Biometric Payment and Multi-Modal Month

findBIOMETRICS Presents Multi-Modal Month - Week 4: The Round Up

This past week at findBIOMETRICS was filled with a diverse selection of news, a nice convenience considering that the wide range of topics, applications and technologies is the focus of our first ever Multi-Modal Month. We saw some leadership changes at Precise Biometrics, a number of border control stories, the birth of a new company, a bunch of access control news and even an examination of two X-Men films.On Monday, Precise Biometrics announced that it will be remaining under the leadership of Håkan Persson, appointing him as CEO. Persson was named interim CEO in November 2013 as the board of …

Multi-Modal Month – Week 3: 4 Vertical Markets Ready For Multi-Factor

findBIOMETRICS Presents Multi-Modal Month - Week 4: The Round Up

As we explored in last week’s Multi-Modal Month feature article, combining biometric factors can greatly bolster security without having to sacrifice much (if anything) in terms of convenience. With innovations in cloud technology and an increasing level of availability in terms of biometric hardware and software, multi-factor authentication is becoming a lot more appealing in the vertical markets.Here are four specific areas already embracing the peace of mind offered by multiple authentication factors, including biometrics:1. HealthcareLast year, during the Biometrics Unplugged conference in Tampa, Dr. John Halamka mentioned that health credentials are among the most valuable to sell on the black …