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ISC West is a major event in biometric security and physical access control. This year the exhibition and conference – held in Las Vegas – was particularly booming. Veterans of the industry were on the same floor as brand new solutions, and findBIOMETRICS was there to capture it on camera.Below You will find a video playlist containing video interviews and product demos, filmed by findBIOMETRICS president Peter O’Neill and edited by our assistant editor and webmaster Shaun Winters. Stay posted during the rest of April as we roll each one out individually as part of findBIOMETRICS’ Physical Access Control Month. 

4 Real Deployments That Show Diversity In Biometric Access Control

Personal Identity

This is week three in Physical Access Control Month at findBIOMETRICS. Already we’ve taken a broad overview of the topic, and delved deeper into the rich subject of adoption barriers in this area of biometric application, now it’s time to look at some of the real life deployments in this field.Here are four recent physical access control deployments – each showcasing a different mode – that show the versatility that can be demanded when it comes to serving customers looking for next generation security:1. Palm-vein biometrics protect UC Irvine’s state of the art Kay Family Foundation Innovation LabThe Kay Family …

Biometrics Industry News Roundup: Biometrics, Age Estimation and Physical Access

Personal Identity

The second week of Physical Access Control Month at findBIOMETRICS has come to a close, and in terms of industry news there was no shortage of on-topic reporting.Zwipe AS announced that it received an award from the Security Industry Association this month for its physical access control biometric smart card solution. The Zwipe biometric card received its first public showing at the beginning of April during ISC West and the award is indicative of the warm reception the solution was givenThe biometric access card solution that Zwipe shares its company name with is a great example of technology that attacks the …

The Barriers of Adoption In Biometric Physical Access Control

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This is week two of Physical Access Control Month here at findBIOMETRICS. Right now the major discussion in security of this kind is what adoption barriers face vendors and enterprises alike.Last week we touched on this briefly: there are some common issues that are keeping these two parties apart, each one a demand from the organization wanting better security, and each one a focus of companies trying to provide the necessary biometric upgrades that can protect critical areas.Let’s take this time to delve deeper into this major topic of discussion.Security and ConvenienceThe promise of biometrics in every deployment is one …

Biometrics Industry News Roundup: Kicking Off Physical Access Control Month

Personal Identity

The first week of April wielded a massive amount of biometrics industry news, and much of it was appropriately on theme with the topic of the month: biometric physical access control. To get everyone up to speed with just exactly what sort of things we will be talking about this month in the featured articles, as well as when the news calls for it, we have published the latest findBIOMETRICS primer on the theme, addressing the key aspects and providing the appropriate links for further reading.April was a great time to schedule Physical Access Control Month, as much of the …

Biometrics Industry News Roundup: Controlling Access, Protecting Borders and Getting Ready For ISC West

Personal Identity

March 30, 2014 – by Peter B. Counter     The week most recently past was filled with physical access and border control news and there is no surprise as to why: in mere days the biometrics industry will have it gaze focused on Las Vegas, Nevada for this year’s ISC West conference and exhibition.Physical access control is an exciting area of application for biometrics, and one that its welcoming to just about every strong authentication mode out there. A great example of this flexibility can be illustrated with a look at Morpho (Safran)’s product lineup for ISC West, which highlights …

Biometrics Industry News Roundup: Malaysia Flight 370, Ugandan Voter Registration and eServices For Eveyone


March 23, 2014 – by Peter B. Counter     This week identity management took the forefront of the news as the search for Malaysian flight 370 continued, two separate deployments promised to prevent fraud through citizen enrollment and the Secure Identity Alliance called for greater adoption in government eServices.The mysterious disappearance of Malaysia flight 370 en route to Beijing highlighted a vulnerability in the current state of biometric border control, as news broke in the event’s wake that two of the passengers on board the 777 Boeing passenger jet were carrying counterfeit biometric passports. Speaking to how biometric eGates and …

Industry News Roundup: Biometric Conferences, Conveniences and Coolness

Personal Identity

March 16, 2014 – by Peter B. Counter     This week saw the announcement of two major biometrics industry conferences, both being held in the next seven days, one in Washington DC, the other in Hong Kong. CARTES Asia will be offering a look at innovations in smart card tech, mobile and other security solutions developed for the Asia-Pacific market, while connect:ID will be taking a broad focus on all verticals experiencing a renewed period of excitement and growth.In Washington, from March 17 to 19, the IBIA and Science Media Partners are providing the opportunity for vendors and professionals in …

Enterprise Solutions, Border Control, Biometrics – findBIOMETRICS Industry News Roundup: March 3-7

Blue Technology Abstract Background

March 9, 2014 – by Peter B. Counter     After the heavy focus on consumers and mobility the week prior, this one most recently past put our eyes right back on the verticals, where the mainstreaming of biometrics is having an immensely positive effect.For proof, one need only take a look at the automated border control (ABC) eGates and Kiosks market. This vertical is extremely specialized, as those who have seen the recent findBIOMETRICS webinar on the subject will clearly understand, and it is on the verge of significant market growth. This week, Acuity Market Intelligence released information from its most …

The Disruption, Mobility and Efficiency in Biometrics – findBIOMETRICS Industry News Roundup: Feb 24-28

iStock_Data Interface

March 2, 2014 – by Peter B. Counter     This past week, findBIOMETRICS spoke with Alexey Khitrov, president of voice biometrics company Speechpro. The discussion turned to how biometrics are a disruptive idea in a world so dependent on the ancient password and PIN system. Speechpro’s VoiceKey.OnePass is an example of the company’s purposefully disruptive stance in the security markets, leveraging mobility and online connectivity to make authentication by voice easy and authentic.Mobility is key in disruption within the verticals currently experiencing a shift in market landscape thanks to the mainstreaming of biometric authentication technologies. The automated border control eGate …